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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 478

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Chapter 478

As expected, a crimson exclamation mark appeared at the end of Julian’s message.

However, he refused to give up and tried sending an email. Yet this time, his address was also blocked.

On top of the fact that she had moved out of the hospital today…

It was obvious Diana was doing her damnedest to avoid him.

If marrying Kayla would really put Diana’s mind at ease and stop her from having to constantly draw
boundaries with him, then he…

No! He still didn’t want to be with Kayla.

Julian realized that one couldn’t force love.

While he was lost in thought, Kayla had already changed into a more appropriate outfit and had come
out of her room. It was an outfit much more formal than the pajamas she had on earlier, and the style
was also similar to Diana’s usual dresses.

And her face…

of similarities to

Kayla said, pointing to the ceiling light in the room. ‘See, it’s broken. Because

wasn’t lying

He told Kayla not to worry, and went straight to the toolbox that was stored in the apartment. Then, he
unscrewed the lightbulb and replaced

never seen this side of him before, so

her to and from school, but that was about it.

of the time, Julian diligently played the role of

abroad that he became anxious and finally got the courage to put a name to the feelings

pleased to hear that Julian had gone crazy looking for her. It was why she had been able to keep calm

and regaining her love for him would make him

that Julian would meet Diana, who was meant to cross


feel disdainful. She had already tampered with Diana’s destiny when the latter was but a

believed that if she was strong enough and had the means, she

latter had already made an impact. Kayla was

still holding the lightbulb casing in his hand, and couldn’t find the tool himself. He gestured

“There are several red ones,” Kayla said, looking up at Julian and unable to identify which one he had

She had to admit, there was a different charm to him at this moment, especially now. She wished he
could stay and never leave.

But she knew he would leave once he was done changing the lightbulb, so she fumbled and picked up
several tools, pretending as if she couldn’t determine which one was the screwdriver he needed.

“Is it this one?”


“This one?”


Julian looked at Kayla’s face, which was similar to Diana’s, and once again laughed derisively at his
past foolishness.

These two women… They may look alike, but they were completely different.

If it were Diana, she would’ve quickly found the screwdriver, handed it over to him, and exclaim
excitedly, “Honey, you look so handsome while you’re fixing lightbulbs!”

Maybe she would even pat his butt like the naughty imp she was. He would then jump off the table,
throw her onto the bed, and show her just how handsome he could be!

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