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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 476

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Chapter 476

Still, it didn’t seem like Diana intended to give Julian any more cold medicine.

He wouldn’t have another chance.

“Can you brew cold medicine?” Julian asked the woman before him.

The female executive was taken aback by his abrupt question, and tried to suppress the emotions in
her heart. She looked up at Julian’s divine face, and held back an excited scream. Everyone would be
moved if they saw such a wondrous face looking at them, especially when he was staring straight at

It had the feeling of having the entire world delivered to your hands.

“I…” the female executive hugged the report in her hands before saying hesitantly, “I can.”

Julian handed her the cup in his hand and ordered, “Then go make some and let me try it.”

The entire time, he never took his eyes off her. When she returned with a freshly brewed cup of cold
medicine, his eyes were still firmly locked on her, as if he had been waiting eagerly for her return.

The female executive’s heart was about to jump out of her chest.

imagined that she would have a

and placed

it is, Mr. Fulcher. Please

all the way down to the two buttons on her collar, which were slightly undone. His eyes suddenly turned
cold, and

this over

executive’s eyes widened at his unexpected

that, Mr.

he like her? Wasn’t he giving

man who never indulged in worldly

so how

he now had a hard look on his face as

than moments ago. Now, she felt like the Grim Reaper had descended upon her; it was the same eerie
sensation she

“1-1 did..”

shook. In the end, she picked up the cup of cold medicine, gritted her teeth, then


her a glance as he

in. Before he could speak, Julian gestured to the disheveled woman before

in and carry

But then, Julian added, “In the future, don’t wear clothes like this to the company.”

With just one sentence, he had given her a chance to keep her job. The female executive felt like she
had just received a great pardon; she couldn’t help but cry and shiver, saying, “Thank you… Thank
you, Mr.Fulcher!”

Julian said nothing else, but his furrowed brow indicated that he was in a bad mood.

He couldn’t see Diana.

He couldn’t find a woman like her, either.

The hole in his heart continued to grow larger as time passed…

Exhausted, Julian leaned back against the chair and looked at the people outside his door.

“Keep them coming.”

Listening to work reports wasn’t easy, but Julian had always managed to quickly and accurately identify
mistakes and areas for improvement in them.

His cognitive abilities had always been unmatched, and with him sitting in the highest position of
Fulcher Inc., there was no denying that he was practically king of an empire.

However, numbing the emptiness with work was only temporary. After everyone had left, he looked at
the empty office and realized that his mind and heart were once again filled with the woman named
Diana Winnington.

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