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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 475

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Chapter 475

Nina was taken aback by Diana’s words, but she quickly replied, “Yes, of course we can! Don’t worry,
Diana. I have money. Finding a house in Richburgh is easy as long as you have money!”

“What about Vans?” Diana asked.

“It’s not a problem/ Nina assured her. “That idiot’s busy with work. As long as I tell him I’ve moved, he
wont have time to verify where it is. You don’t have to worry. Leave everything to me!”

With that, she hung up without giving Diana a chance to reply. Nina was always impulsive and quick to
act without much thought.

Diana shook her head; she should find an opportunity to explain things to Vans over dinner once
everything was settled. She couldn’t let a misunderstanding come between them, especially not if Nina
was actually deceiving him.

On the top floor of Fulcher Inc., Noel brought in some medicine for a cold into Julian’s office. “Sir, you
should take this first. If you’re feeling unwell, I can cancel your appointments for today.”

Noel had followed Julian for many years, but he had never seen the man in such a listless state. It
seemed to have started when Diana left last night, and continued on till today.

Julian’s mood was at an all-time low, and the air around him seemed even paler than before.

people were pushing and shoving each other, all wanting to be the first to report their work. And yet,
none dared to take an actual

sip of the medicine. He immediately furrowed his brows and asked in distaste, “Who made

simple cold

his heart starting to race.

not that it tastes bad. It’s just

brew him a cup of cold medicine. The concoction she made was usually sweeter and much better
tasting than



blurted out to Noel,

resign on the spot and return to a simple farming life, but Julian waved his hand and said,

alarm bells in Noel’s head


stood at the door and looked around; when he couldn’t figure it out, he simply said, ‘ Whoever needs

one dared to

for a while, Julian stood up and walked to the door. When he saw a

He pointed to her and said, “You. Come in.”

The person he had pointed to was a female executive. She knew she shouldn’t anticipate anything
when Julian’s finger landed on her, but she couldn’t help the rush of excitement coursing through her.

She was overjoyed that Julian had chosen her.

The one who needed to come in, should come.

Now that Julian had personally pointed at her, she was the one who was meant to go in!

The female executive felt as if she had been granted exclusivity. She raised her head and walked
proudly as she followed Julian into his office, looking as though she had won a battle.

“Speak,” Julian commanded as he sat in his chair and stared at her.

The woman was wearing clothes similar to what Diana had worn yesterday. He had sent her clothes
from L, but it seemed she hadn’t worn them and had instead stuck to her tattered clothes.

He had said he wouldn’t interfere in her life, but wasn’t it fine as long as he didn’t…?

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