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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 477

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Chapter 477

Before Julian knew it, he had arrived at the rehabilitation ward of the hospital; only to learn that Diana
had completed her discharge procedures in silence.

He found it strange. This was a place Madam Fulcher had found for Diana, so she wouldn’t have
quietly left if nothing serious had happened.

Then, he immediately realized that he had been negligent with the nutritionist last night.

However, this only proved that Diana was determined to draw a clear boundary between them.

“Take good care of Kayla. I wish you both a speedy marriage.”

Suddenly, the last sentence Diana had said before they parted last night came to mind.

Did Diana want him to be with Kayla?

However, she clearly despised Kayla to the point that the two sisters were akin to water and oil.

Yet… She had said it so bluntly.

fathom a woman’s mind, but he was willing to try for

doorbell rang out late at night, and Kayla lifted her

this was the house Julian had given her. She secretly wanted to have it all to herself, or…to stay here

Yet, Julian never came.

to obtain this apartment was because she helped in finding information on that scumbag

someone was

residents had moved upstairs today. Perhaps they had

was good. At least they had some self-awareness. They had been making

opened the door and huffed,

glance at Kayla was enough to make Julian want to

know why he had come

a fact. He shouldn’t have any emotional involvement with her anymore, either. When he looked at her,
he would think of his two dead children and her twisted expression when she

the fact Kayla had saved his life when he

be alive in this

he thought of Diana’s words, telling him to have a speedy marriage with this

Kayla make him meet

had come to see her. It gave her the same feeling she experienced when she returned home from
abroad for the first time. At that time, she had high hopes of

She never expected that Diana would continuously interfere with their relationship, causing her and
Julian to grow further apart.

However, Julian coming to see her now was a good start.

Kayla never expected the information she sent out last time would have such a huge impact.

The impatience on her face vanished instantly, turning into eagerness.

“Julian,” Kayla greeted sweetly. When she noticed Julian intended to leave, she immediately latched
onto his sleeve and said coquettishly, “You came at the perfect time! Something in my place broke, and
the property management hasn’t gotten back to me about it.”

Kayla meant to invite him inside, but Julian realized that he couldn’t do it. Too much had happened, and
he couldn’t act as he did before with her. He couldn’t even stand to be in the same space as her or
smile at her, let alone marry her as Diana had suggested.

In truth, the idea had died the moment he realized his true feelings. Besides, he knew that Kayla had
continuously targeted Diana; although he hadn’t the slightest clue why.

Because of the gratitude he felt toward Kayla for saving his life, he hadn’t done anything to her.

As such, it wasn’t until the babies’ death did he take action against her.

Thinking for a moment, Julian remained rooted to the spot and pulled his phone to send Diana a text

[Do you really want me to marry her?]

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