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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 474

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Chapter 474

Originally, Nina had planned to give the money to Diana once she had given birth. Alas…

Things didn’t go as planned.

Nina didn’t want to bring up this sorrowful topic before Diana, so she said,” Anyway, I have the money
with me right now. I’m worried since I have nowhere to spend it.”

Diana was amused by her friend’s words.

“Oh, really? Whatever shall you do?”

“Well…” Nina snorted. “Of course I’ll spend it to pamper a hottie like you!”

“How do you plan to do that?”

“I’ll support you!” Nina exclaimed passionately. “My little house is getting pretty boring. I’ll find us a big
apartment! I’m not willing to move if I’m by myself, but with a hottie like you by my side, it’ll be money
well spent!”

turned softer until it

calling out a few

Yet, no one answered.

to hang up and call again when she heard an irked voice from

you fall for a younger guy when you were out taking pictures? Hey, tell me! What are you thinking
every day with that stupid head

It was Vans’s voice.

worry melted

you calling stupid? You’re the idiot!’ Nina’s loud voice rang out

from her ear, placing it on speaker as she waited for Nina and Vans to finish arguing before continuing

meantime, she used the chance to

the ward for long, everything she needed had been readily available. The silk bedding that Madam
Fulcher sent

it away, and decided to

she had a

minutes of silence on the phone, Nina’s

“Are you still there, Diana?”

Diana nodded and said, “Yeah, I am. Go ahead.”

Nina sighed in relief and complained, ‘It was so hard to get back to you! That idiot kept getting in the
way. He even thought I wanted to keep a lover! Bah! As if I have the money for that!”

Nina giggled after she said that.

“But that idiot does have his uses. When he heard I wanted to live with you, he immediately provided a
safe apartment. He even offered to pay the rent. Who cares about him paying rent? Hmph! I have a lot
of money myself! Don’t you think so too, Diana? Even if we do run out of money, your studio should

already be raking in cash by then. When it does, don’t forget about lil old me, okay?” Nina rambled on,
imagining a life where Diana would financially support her once the latter was wealthy.

Meanwhile, Diana’s thoughts drifted to Vans.

Though it was true he didn’t have your average friendship with Julian, he had also been helping her the
entire time she interacted with Julian.

But if she got closer to him, wouldn’t she end up crossing paths with Julian again?

Diana’s doubts began to surface. She asked Nina tentatively, “Say, Nina… cant we find our own

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