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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 473

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Chapter 473


Upon seeing the man, those Oliver had teased before greeted him.

Simon closed his folding fan and nodded slightly, but he didn’t give these people any attention. Instead,
he stared at Oliver’s back with a strange smile, looking just like an insidious snake.

“Interesting. How very interesting…”

Oliver, who never wanted to have anything to do with the Channing family, let alone be the heir, had
actually taken the initiative to come to the Channing family. He even gathered all the cousins from the
fourth branch to throw a bombshell.

This behavior was very unlike him.

And the cousins, who all seem to hate Oliver to the bone, didn’t dare say a word about it even after
Oliver had deliberately made a fool out of them.

His older brother had great charm, no?

Simon’s sinister gaze slowly turned cold, replaced with an intense vicious glint. It burned bright in his
eyes, and he quietly broke the fan in his hand.

to be wary of

arrived at the hospital when she saw the nutritionist waiting for her

have an umbrella, but her clothes weren’t from the rain. Still,

was a

know I’d

the details of her relationship with Julian, and simply said, “Mr. Fulcher told me you’d be at the door at

Diana was speechless.

to interfere. And yet, it didn’t take long for him to change his mind, did

cut off all ties, she should also do

“Thank you.”

on the nutritionist, but she needed to inform the latter of her

from the ward tomorrow. Thank you for your help during this

not the end of your stay yet,” the nutritionist said. “Madam Fulcher gave you a whole

ordinary people like the nutritionist, it was a waste not fully

didn’t think

tell Madam Fulcher. I’ll be

During her time here, Diana had already made good progress on her health. Otherwise, based on how
her terrible health was after the miscarriage, she would definitely get sick from getting caught in the rain

But now, she was clear-headed and didn’t feel any different from usual.

“The nutritious meals from these past few days weren’t for nothing,” Diana said. “As for the remaining

Diana paused to think about it before saying, “I’ll go to the hospital tomorrow and get a refund.”

She would keep the money once, and then return it to Madam Fulcher when she had the chance.

When she went to handle the paperwork the next day, the receptionists at the front desk had a
favorable impression of her; probably because of the clothes she had given them before, and the fact
that the Fulcher family had personally arranged for her to stay here.

As such, it was easy to receive help with the paperwork when she requested to check out.

Diana was thrilled to have some free time that she could use to find a new place to stay. But with such
little time, she couldn’t find a suitable place right away. After some thought, she decided to make do
with renting a studio apartment for a few days before searching for a more suitable place at a more
leisurely pace.

Nina soon discovered this, and immediately rebuked Diana fiercely.

“Am I even your friend anymore?” Nina exclaimed, upset. “You had just as much credit from Fanny’s
hush money. At first, you took the money to pay your debt to Julian. Then, you gave it back to me
without a word. I haven’t touched it since!”

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