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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 467

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Chapter 467

Julian signaled with his eyes for Noel to leave the room, and the latter had no choice but to obey.

Seeing that Julian didn’t resist or become angry, Diana lost her strength and said, “Why are you trying
to pretend to be a good person?!”

“I’m not pretending,” Julian protested, though he sounded slightly hesitant.” I was afraid that since I’m
stronger than you, I’d hurt you if I moved…”

With Diana’s physical condition, even a little injury would be a big problem. Julian couldn’t bear to see
her in pain.

“Hah…!” Diana pointed the sharp end of the scissors at his neck like she was about to kill someone.

Her eyes were slightly red, and her tone was threatening and eerie as she snarled, “Do you talk to
Kayla like this too? Do you also coax her the same way?”

Julian was really good at dealing with two women at the same time, wasn’t he?!

“No,” Julian said seriously. “I really don’t have any feelings for Kayla right now.”

only had gratitude

“You say you don’t have any intentions toward her, but you gave her an apartment? You don’t have
any intentions toward her, but you always cover up and protect her? Even when your own

neck. If she exerted just a

show any signs of avoiding the scissors, which irked Diana even more. She couldn’t help but press
them against his neck a little harder, growling, “When did you become so hypocritical, Julian? When

you say that you don’t love your first love to her substitute, are you also trying to say you’re extremely

at Julian’s neck, as though ants were biting him. It wasn’t painful

Diana didn’t believe him.

times that

manner. “I didn’t let

rage. She pushed the scissors harder

are gone, but you can still laugh when you mention

Julian remained silent.

so angry that she seemed to have lost her mind, and

and he had delivered Oliver to her. Why was Diana so angry? It couldn’t be because he was wearing
something she disapproved

looked down and said, “Diana, calm down. Why don’t you tell

at this point would

stared at the man’s face. His jawline was sharp and clear, a contour she had even sketched in her
dreams, and the concern in his eyes was so genuine. It held a

But why… Why?!

Diana almost teared up.

“Kayla’s no good. She really isn’t! She gave my babies musk, drugged me, and even tried to make me
slip in the bathroom! She was up to no good from the very start, and she clearly wanted to kill my
babies! But you’ve always been blinded by her, Julian! Even now, you’re still protecting her!”

Julian was confused. He hadn’t even had any contact with Kayla recently! How was he protecting her?

Wait-Julian suddenly realized something.

“How did you know I got her an apartment?”

“Kate told me.”

“That was just a reward for her. She found out Marvin’s conspiracy against you when I wanted to invest
in you. He targeted your studio at first, and I-”

“Kayla?! She was the one who gave you that information?”

Diana was disgusted at the revelation; thoroughly disgusted!

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