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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 463

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Chapter 463

The nutritionist noticed Diana’s strange expression and asked, “Do you know him?”

“He’s my friend,” Diana said, her mood like a roller coaster right now. She quickly had someone bring
some water and a towel as she called out to Oliver repeatedly.

“Oliver? Oliver, wake up!”

With Diana’s help, Oliver slowly returned to consciousness.

The two looked at each other, momentarily stunned before becoming somewhat embarrassed.



Diana waved her hand, gesturing for the others to leave the room. Then, she helped Oliver up and
asked, “How did you end up here?”

Oliver could only smile awkwardly. “I don’t know…”

He reached up to touch his head and said, “Can I use your bathroom for a bit? I want to wash my face.”

you,” Diana said. “You might have some difficulty walking

her. “See? I’ve recovered quickly. It was mainly because of the incense that I couldn’t move, but

seemed the person who sent him to this


pondered, but no


move, but Diana stopped him in

Oliver asked, turning around

pointed awkwardly at his


was slightly wrinkled from being sat on,

then he realized his mistake and hastily corrected himself, “I mean, I don’t

look. “It’s fine. Go ahead and

sure enough, she found


oversee the report on the

many people who dared to mess with him. He would expose

didn’t mention the extra set of clothes in

But in her heart, she had a faint suspicion that seemed too ridiculous to consider.

Oliver quickly returned with news. “That incense is harmless to the body, but it can render someone

Perhaps that was how he had ended up here in Diana’s bed without realizing it.

“But regular people can’t get their hands on this stuff.”


“The last conscious memory I had was of me standing outside the Fulcher family’s old mansion.”

As bold as the Channing family was, they didn’t have the guts to mess with the Fulcher family.

“This is getting more and more unbelievable,” Oliver said with a sigh. “And the rose makes me look like
a creepy guy who snuck into your room…”

If they didn’t address this matter head-on, it would be awkward for both him and Diana.

“We’ve been set up,” Diana said as she looked out into the rainy night.

The uneasy feeling remained, but she never expected it to be because of something like this…

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