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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 466

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Chapter 466

The safest way for Diana to meet Julian was to get him to send someone to pick her up.

Noel was stunned at the sudden request.

“Pick you up? Where are you going?’

“To see Julian. You’re going to pick me up and take me there,” Diana said calmly, but there was a hint
of authority in her that made Noel hesitate to ask further.

He felt like he was dealing with another Julian.

News that Diana was coming to see him soon reached Julian’s ears.

“She really said she was coming to see me?” Julian asked Noel.

“Yes, sir. The driver has already gone to pick her up,” Noel confirmed.

Julian’s eyes lit up with excitement. He had never been this happy, not even when his company went

“Quick!” Julian said to Noel. ‘Help me pick some clothes!’

look his best when Diana met him. But after going back and forth, the two men couldn’t decide which
clothes looked best. Diana would soon

Julian grew increasingly anxious.

me another batch of clothes!’

old mansion, and there was a limited amount of clothes he had stored here. It was impossible to get
more clothes from his villa in such

to get the stores to

late for that,” Julian

have to make Diana

That wouldn’t do!

rummaged through the

with bright eyes. “I’ll

used her own credit card to pay for it. It cost three thousand dollars, but he remembered it vividly as
the cheapest and most unforgettable piece of clothing he

the perfect outfit

soon arrived, and she was stunned when she stood at the old mansion’s

the house was still there, but

apartment where

to be here, of all

like Julian tolerating

thought, Diana stepped

in Madam Fulcher’s yard had been extinguished, probably because of the rainy night. It was good that
the elderly lady was asleep, and not up

Noel led Diana inside, and she made her way to where Julian was waiting for her. As soon as they saw
each other, Diana saw him wearing a familiar shirt.

It hadn’t been long since she had last seen the shirt, but it felt like a dream.

Back then, she had been pregnant and had so much hope in her.

Yet, all of that was thoroughly ruined!

Her babies were gone; yet Julian, who had been protecting Kayla all along, was wearing that shirt in
front of her!

The resentment and anger she had been suppressing deep down in her heart resurfaced lightning fast.
She walked up to him and grabbed a nearby pair of scissors.

Without a word, she immediately slashed through the material before Julian could say anything.

“You have no right to wear this!”

And certainly not in front of her!

Julian was stunned by this unexpected turn of events.

From her tone and words, he could sense how furious she was. Thus, he remained still and endured
the pain in his heart as she continued to randomly cut up the shirt with the scissors.

Noel watched in horror, afraid that Diana might use the scissors to accidentally cut Julian’s flesh or
even his organs!

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