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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 464

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Chapter 464

Diana felt anxious.

“Let’s head to the control room for now. I won’t feel at ease until I find out who’s exactly behind this.”

Julian stood by the window, watching as the rain hit the glass and making its color change repeatedly.
He watched the thunder and lightning lighting up in the dark sky.

After a long time, his gaze grew unfocused, and he became increasingly upset.

How far had Diana progressed? Was she happy to see the person she liked in her room? Would this
night be one where her relationship with Oliver went to the next level?

He desperately hoped that there would be good news about their relationship. That way, it would fulfill
Diana’s wish to be with the person she loved. Yet at the same time, he also hoped nothing would ever
come out of it.

His hands had been trembling when he ordered for Oliver to be sent to her room.

Taking this step had been difficult, but he had done it to make Diana happy. It was his birthday present
to her; he had only done it after racking his brains, thinking hard of how he could please her.

she might never succeed

bear to see her suffer anymore, so he

the woman he loved to be

out as he pushed open the door and entered

let out a sigh.

exhaustion in his voice, and Noel hesitated to speak upon

it didn’t work

happy or disappointed. It felt as if someone had taken his heart and taken it for a joyride,


who rarely made mistakes in

the information I got, when Oliver was unconscious, Madam called someone into the room and… It

could this happen?” Julian muttered. He didn’t understand. “Doesn’t Diana want

Noel said again. He felt like tonight’s events were a vortex of mistakes, and all of them were trapped
inside it without

by the way. Madam also had the components of the incense

“That’s wrong.”

“What is?”

“You’re addressing her wrongly,” Julian realized belatedly. “Why are you still calling Diana that?”

Noel recalled the last time he had spoken to Diana on the phone and how she had asked about his
father’s health with such understanding and compassion; he couldn’t help but feel touched.

“You mentioned before that even if you get divorced, she’d still be Mrs. Fulcher.”

Julian hummed in reply, but then sunk into his thoughts for a while. After a long time, his expression
twisted unpleasantly. Then, he looked at Noel with doubt and dissatisfaction in his eyes. “Don’t you
think it’s strange to send Oliver to Diana’s bed?”

Noel was in complete agreement. “It does seem strange, but…”

It wasn’t like he understood either, so he asked Julian back, “What exactly is wrong with it?”

“Why does it feel like I’m trying to get myself cheated on?'” Julian muttered.

“You’re overthinking it,” Noel said. “Though Madam is still Mrs. Fulcher to us, she’s your ex-wife.
There’s no relationship between you two anymore, so where would the cheating come from?”

Julian fell deep into thought again, then shook his head vigorously.

“No, that’s not it. It’s like… I’m doing it to myself.”

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