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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 462

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Chapter 462

The bed was full of wrinkles, and his consciousness was plunged into a mess once more.

He was unable to struggle; just as he was about to get annoyed, the door suddenly opened.

Who could it be?

If it was the Channgin family really who had resorted to such underhanded tactics, he would rather die
than give in!

Oliver gritted his teeth, prepared to fight with all his might. And yet, the person who slowly walked into
his line of sight was…


Before his vision turned hazy again, questions filled his mind.

Diana, for her part, was even more confused than Oliver.

After changing her shoes, she walked into her room. She only realized something was amiss only after
she had entered the room.

There was clearly a man lying in her bed!

Luke had brought her still lingered in her heart; the scene of her trapped against an iron pillar in the

Diana’s hands trembled.

steps, not even realizing that her shoes

she backed away, she screamed at the top of her lungs, “Help!

on duty nearby. The nutritionist soon rushed to her side

“What’s wrong, Miss Winnington?”

was still lying in bed in a daze, his mind growing more and more sluggish as time passed. However, he
could still clearly hear the panic in

remember what the hell was going on, but

entire body felt weak and powerless, and he wondered who had given him such a huge dose of drug!
What’s more, what had they intended by silently

nothing was wrong with him. But once he did, his head began to throb

finished, he would probably regain control of his body. For now, he needed to wait for Diana to realize

situation was

inwardly; he had never been in such a wretched state in his entire life, much less before a woman he

he to face Diana after

was feeling uneasy over this situation, Diana had grown much

had found support, and asked the security guard to check the

the guard returned to her side and said, “Miss Winnington, a man is indeed lying in your bed. However,
he doesn’t

“Like what?”

“Like he was drugged and forced into this room,” the security guard said. He held out the remaining
unburnt incense. “If you smell this, even an ordinary person would get dizzy from it.”

Moreover, the man had been lying in the room for so long; he had probably been exposed to a large
amount of it.

Diana made a decisive decision on the spot. “Send this incense to the lab now and get the surveillance
footage for me.”

Then, she bravely stepped into the room while still holding onto the nutritionist’s hand.

The scent lingered in the room, so the nutritionist told Diana to wait at the doorway as she opened the
windows to air the place. She beckoned for Diana to enter the room only after a few minutes had

“Come on in, Miss Winnington.”

Diana nodded, but…

She took a few steps into the room and glanced at the bed, and saw the man’s features clearly.

Never mind his features, Diana could even recognize his clothes!

It was the same clothes he wore when they met at the old mansion just a while ago!

She wasn’t mistaken. The man in her bed was really Oliver!

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