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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 459

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Chapter 459

Kayla looked like a crazed woman, malice and destruction burning in her

unblinking eyes.

James shivered in fright as he carefully approached his daughter.


But Kayla glared at him with bloodshot eyes and screamed again, “Start


Fearing that James would feel uncomfortable, Lucy threw away the umbrella,

ignored her ruined shoes, and said, “Dear, I’ll help you.”

Enter title…

Lucy was always so understanding and gentle, but Kayla…

What had Julian reduced her to?!

James couldn’t help but feel some resentment toward the man. Yet as soon as

he thought of Julian’s status, the resentment turned into smoke and dissipated.

He whispered to Lucy, “The children buried here aren’t just Diana’s. They’re also


If they really dug up this grave and Julian discovered the culprits, they would be

in big trouble!

“Don’t forget, Kayla saved Julian’s life,” Lucy said. Guilt flashed in her eyes for a

brief moment, but it was gone as soon as it appeared. “James, you know Kayla

drugged Diana and even sided with Luke to corner Julian, right? Luke died and

the Pabian family suffered a lot, but have you seen anything happen to Kayla?”

James shook his head. “No…”

Kayla was still free to roam about, and her temper only worsened by the


“Then that’s that, isn’t it?” Lucy said, looking at Kayla. With a clear conscience,

she said, “Whether it’s Diana’s miscarriage or Julian getting beaten up, nothing

related to Kayla has been investigated! With that said, think about how

significant the saving grace is to Julian. So what if he likes Diana? What does

that matter? After all, it was Kayla who saved his life! As long as we have that,

he’ll never do anything to Kayla!”

James agreed with that statement.

Lucy could tell he was still wavering, so she continued to press on. “James, the

babies are already dead. It’s just a headstone! Can it compare to when they

were alive and well in Diana’s belly? No one was punished at that time, so

what’s the harm in letting Kayla have her revenge now?”

James sighed, and finally nodded.

“You’re right…”

He looked up at the increasingly crazed girl and said weakly, ‘TH dig it up…”

“Okay!” Lucy said with a smile, her gentle hands resting on his shoulders as she

offered him comfort. “Don’t worry. It’s raining heavily today. As long as we don’t

say anything, no one will know it was us who dug up the grave.”

Her hand felt so comforting on James’s back. If it weren’t for the inappropriate

situation they were in right now, James would’ve definitely taken Lucy to bed.

Lucy noticed where his train of thought was going. She turned and squeezed his

butt teasingly.

“You’re such a naughty boy! Hurry up and dig. After Kayla gets her revenge,

you’ll have your turn!”

Lucy was much cleverer than Kate, and knew how to handle the man before


James clenched his fist tightly and exclaimed, “Don’t worry. If I don’t knock down

this tombstone, I’ll eat my shoe!”

“Knocking it down won’t be enough!” Kayla said, suddenly standing next to him

with a malicious glint in her eyes. “We’ll soak the ashes in the rain!

That’s the only way it’ll be enough!”

Her voice was shrill and hoarse, and on this rainy day, it sounded extremely


James hesitated once more, realizing that he was technically the grandfather of

the babies in this grave. However, he quickly pushed the thought away and

said, “But they were only fetuses. They didn’t have bones, let alone ashes…”

Kayla shot him a look. “It doesn’t matter if they’re only fetuses! I’m sure the

grave isn’t empty. If they were buried as fetuses, then let the rain soak those

too! Smash them to pieces with that iron bar! If Diana burned them into ashes,

let the water wash them away!’

Then, she gritted her teeth and hissed venomously, “Yes, that’d be good…!’

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