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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 452

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Chapter 452

After she said that, Diana stuffed a mouthful of sweet cake in her mouth before

finally calming down.

But in her haste to wash down the salty taste with the cake, the icing ended up

smeared across her nose. Its pink color gave her the image of a mischievous

cat that had been caught stealing from the kitchen.

Despite that, she excluded an overwhelming sense of vulnerability.

Oliver reached for a tissue to help Diana wipe off the icing, but Madam Fulcher

intercepted him and handed Diana a damp cloth instead.

Enter title…

Oliver’s expression fell for a brief moment, but he quickly stepped back to give

Madam Fuclher space as he clenched the tissue in his hand.

Madam Fulcher only had eyes for Diana, and she chuckled at the icing on the

latter’s face.

“You’re still like a child. You even got cake on your face.”

Diana grinned playfully. She accepted the cloth, wiped the frosting off her face,

and replied cheekily, “The cake you got me was just too good. Grandma.”

Diana had no idea why she had bothered going to the Winnington family

residence in the first place. Even if it was to get revenge on Kayla, there was no

reason for her to foster a good relationship with that family.

After all, she would only end up hurting herself.

As she savored the sweetness of cake melting on her tongue, she recalled the

ridiculously salty taste of soba in her mouth and shuddered. It was clear that

whoever made them had no culinary talent.

Perhaps Kate was trying to send Diana a message through those noodles,

warning her not to mess with Kayla. However, she was Kate’s birth daughter,

not Kayla. The fact that Kate had done so despite this made Diana feel sad and


“Don’t dwell on it,’ Madam Fulcher said suddenly, pulling Diana out of her

musings as she urged Diana to sit down and eat. “Those who don’t cook often

have trouble getting the seasoning right. Today’s your birthday, so you’re the

boss! If you’re upset about the noodles. I’ll take you to the Winningtons and

complain to Kate. With me there, I’m sure James will beg Kate to make a

delicious bowl of noodles for you!”

Diana laughed at Madam Fulcher’s teasing. ’You’re amazing, Grandma.”

“Of course!” Madam Fulcher smiled at Diana’s reaction, relieved.” Remember,

Diana. Never bottle up your sadness and frustration. If you run into any trouble,

don’t hesitate to voice them out, whether it’s to Kate or James! If this soba

makes you uncomfortable, just confront them or ignore them as you please!

They’re still your parents, after all, even if they don’t want to admit it. Their blood

runs in your veins. If they can treat you as they please, then you can do the

same! Don’t keep your loneliness or sadness to yourself. We’re all in this

together.” Madam Fulcher’s eyes roamed around the room. Her gaze settled

briefly on the door, but she quickly shook her head and continued solemnly,

“Otherwise, all of us will be sad too.’

Everyone here truly felt happiness and joy because of Diana’s existence, and

they were here today to celebrate her birthday with genuine sincerity.

The unhappiness Kate gave Diana dissipated, and she nodded determinedly at

Madam Fulcher.

“I know what I should do now.’

It was more important to care about the people who cherish her.

As for Kate, James, or even Kayla… Diana didn’t need to bottle up her

dissatisfaction toward them, nor did she need to back down.

She didn’t need to retreat because of some measly soba, or because she failed

to drive a wedge between Kate and Kayla. After all, she hadn’t wavered when

Kayla conspired with Mr. Carter to drug her before.

Diana should just do what she wanted with Madam Fulcher and her friends ‘


The heavy rock in her heart vanished silently. At that moment, Nina held her

hand and whispered gently, “Happy birthday, Diana.”

Diana smiled and gripped Nina’s hand tightly. The confidence in her face was

now stronger than ever.

“Thank you, Nina.”

“The food’s really good,” Vans said as he placed his hand back on the table,

which he previously hid under the table. He made exaggerated motions while

eating and exclaimed, “The meat’s tender, and the vegetables are fresh!”

He deliberately made loud sounds as he ate, and looked at Diana. “Come on,

have some too!”

Then, he called out to Madam Fulcher. “Go ahead and eat too, Madam Fulcher.

What are you waiting for?”

The atmosphere became lively again, but Oliver didn’t pick up his utensils and

start eating. Instead, he pulled a photo from his pocket and placed it before

Madam Fulcher. “Actually, I came here today to ask for your help in identifying


The photo was of a chubby little boy. Diana felt that he looked somewhat

familiar, but she couldn’t remember who he was for a moment.

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