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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 458

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Chapter 458

Kayla sat in the backseat, watching the droplets continuously fall and join into a

long line and pounded against the vehicle with a deafening noise.

Lucy was the first to leave the car.

“The autumn rain this year is so annoying!” she whined.

She was wearing new lambskin soft-soled shoes James had bought for her.

When soaked, they were as good as ruined. She was in a terrible mood

because of that.


Enter title…

Kayla had been smiling the entire time, but it wasn’t radiant or bright. It was

ominous, and there was blatant malice in it. She looked at the bright yellow

headstone not far away, and her smile widened.

“It seems even the heavens are helping me.”

Every time she committed something heinous, it would be raining, which easily

washed away traces of her wrongdoings. Moreover, the headstone for the two

babies was so bright and prominent in the cemetery that she didn’t even have to

look for it.

Recently, the more James spent time with Kayla, the more fearful he felt.

“Kayla…” James said hesitantly. “Do you really intend to desecrate the grave?”

“What? Do you feel sorry for them?” Kayla sneered. ‘Have you finally

understood that Diana’s your daughter?”

Kayla suddenly raised her voice. “Don’t forget! She already knew that you

deliberately lost her when she was a child! Even if you want to break away from

Mommy and me now and jump ship, Diana will retaliate against you if you go to

her now!”

Sticking to the path one had chosen to the end was better.

This was the second time Kayla had warned James.

Panic flashed through his well-preserved middle-aged man’s face.

“I didn’t mean it that way, Kayla.” James hurried to explain.

He only felt that Kayla’s recent change had frightened him. In the past, he was

the one who ordered her around. She and Lucy had always behaved

submissively toward him; but lately, Kayla had been yelling and threatening him


It challenged his self-esteem and pride.

Strangely enough, when Kayla got angry, his own anger would dissipate.

“Don’t be angry,” James tried to coax her, his tone resigned. “You know I’ve

always pinned my hopes on you. If you think something should be done, I’ll do it

for you.”

“Good,” Kayla said with raised eyebrows. She went to the car trunk, grabbed an

iron bar, and ordered, “Go and dig up that grave for me!”

Another thunderclap boomed through the sky, illuminating their faces clearly.

Except for Kayla, Lucy and James had terrified expressions on their faces.

“D-Dig up the grave?!”


Kayla’s hair was still soaking wet, but she didn’t seem to care.

Her sinister smile spread wider, the madness in it more and more evident.

“Diana doesn’t care about her position as the firstborn of our family. We’ve

extended an olive branch to her, but she refused it. Of course she would!

Julian loves her, and that old Fulcher hag dotes on her! She doesn’t even care

about her marriage! Hell, she was the one who brought up the divorce first!”

Rain dripped down Kayla’s face, and it looked like her face would be torn in half.

Lucy watched in horror, and hurriedly shifted the umbrella to cover Kayla.

Lucy didn’t even notice how cautious she was trying to be as she said slowly,

“Kayla… Wasn’t Diana divorcing Julian something we wanted? It’s a good thing,

isn’t it? W-Why are you so angry?”


Yes, they had gotten divorced; but it was the opposite of what Kayla wanted!

Instead, Julian had fallen deeper in love with Diana!

Diana had been the one to initiate the divorce, not him!

“Everything I’ve dreamed of… What right does Diana have to give it up just

because she can?!” Kayla screamed, her eyes snapping wide as she

grabbed James. Her grip was so forceful that the older man staggered in shock.

The iron bar made a piercing sound as it crashed to the ground. Kayla’s blood

boiled even more as a manic gleam flashed in her malevolent eyes.

“Start digging!”

She would bet on what Diana cared about!

Kayla was certain if this grave was dug up, Diana would feel misery far more

potent than death!

She would feel pain… She would feel the deepest regret!

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