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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 456

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Chapter 456

Kayla wanted Diana to wish she was dead!

Kayla’s hair and clothes were completely soaked from the rain, but she didn’t

take notice of them. She silently vowed to herself that she would take back

everything that belonged to her.

She slowly detached herself from clinging to the mansion walls and drifted away

like a wandering spirit. The rain washed away all traces of her presence, and

everything returned to its peaceful state like nothing had happened.

James, who had been waiting for her at the crossroads, saw the malice on her

oddly blank expression. He couldn’t help the pang that went through his heart

Enter title…

and quickly asked, “What’s wrong, Kayla?”

He, Lucy, and Kayla had gone out of the Winnington residence today with the

intention of enjoying a nice meal together. Kayla had even tried to get into his

good graces. However, Lucy’s spy in the Winnington residence informed her

that Kate had called Diana to the residence and had even given Diana a bowl of

noodles before she left.

Even though Diana hadn’t been asked to stay for dinner, this incident still rang

warning bells in Kayla’s heart. She quickly recalled that today was Diana’s


“Kate’s a complete moron, but at least she’s an obedient one. She didn’t even

care about her daughter’s birthday! She only had my feelings in mind when she

kicked Diana out.”

After the fact that Julian didn’t love her was exposed, Kayla had become more

and more brazen when talking in front of James.

Lucy chimed in, “Yes. I’d love to see that stupid Kate’s face when I take over the


On the other hand, James muttered slowly, “Today is Diana’s birthday…”

Kayla could see his wavering thoughts. “That’s right, it’s Diana’s birthday. It’s

quite sad to see her carrying a bowl of cold noodles all by herself after getting

kicked out of her home by her own mother. Why don’t we follow her and

celebrate her birthday with her?”

Despite Kayla saying she wanted to celebrate Diana’s birthday with her, the

truth couldn’t be more far off. She actually intended to tail Diana and laugh at

the latter’s misfortune.

Diana going to the old mansion was beyond Kayla’s expectations. This

mansion, a place Kayla desperately wanted to come and go freely but only had

a chance to attend a banquet on the day of her return once, had now become

like Diana’s backyard. It looked as if Diana could come anytime she wanted!

But… But Julian and Diana were already divorced!

What right did Diana have to enjoy such a privilege?!

Resentment burning in her heart, Kayla followed Diana all the way to the old


Unexpectedly, Kayla glimpsed the sign.

After which, she heard laughter and joy from inside the mansion.

Madam Fulcher even went so far as to invite several people for Diana, including

that vulgar woman Nina!

And yet, Kayla could do nothing but watch and listen to the happy chatters from

outside the old mansion.

Diana… Diana… Diana…!

Diana’s happiness, as well as the fact Julian loved her, was a painful nail in

Kayla’s heart.


Kayla narrowed her eyes and looked up at James before saying, “Daddy, take

me somewhere.”

James drove his car over to pick her up and asked, “Where are we going?”

“To the cemetery.”

Where Diana’s children were buried!

After Oliver left, Madam Fulcher wandered around the study. She couldn’t help

but flip through some of Julian’s childhood photos, which represented the most

trying time in his life. Madam Fulcher hadn’t mentioned it to a single soul, much

less shown these photos to anyone.

When she saw the photo Oliver had given her today, she felt a mixture of

emotions. She spent a long time scolding her late husband in front of his portrait

before finally feeling better.

“If I could do it all over again, I’d never let you treat Julian like that!”

Madam Fulcher placed all the photos back in the small box and directed a final

accusation toward the sky before finally regaining her composure.

“Grandma,” Julian called out.

He initially wanted to ask her about what she and Oliver had talked about

earlier. Once he saw this scene, he radiated an unapproachable air and walked

up slowly to her.

Madam Fulcher turned around with red eyes.

“Are you cursing Grandpa again?”

“That old b*stard…” Madam Fulcher sniffed. Her white hair exuded a different

charm that hadn’t diminished due to her age and appearance.”

Who told him to die so early? Since he did, he deserves to be cursed by the


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