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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 455

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Chapter 455

Vans seemed to choke at Julian’s words. He could vaguely feel something was

amiss, and said slowly, “Julian, I don’t think things are like that…”

“Then, what?!” Julian shot back, his piercing gaze sweeping over to Vans.

There was a hint of anger in his eyes, and the coldness he radiated was like ice;

as if he could freeze the whole room instantly.

Vans was suddenly at a loss for words.


Enter title…

Pausing for a moment, he moved away from Julian’s oppressing figure ever so

slightly and replied, “It’s just… With Diana’s personality, I doubt she’d fall for

someone else so quickly. It’s obvious that she loves you…”

“Then why did she insist on divorcing me?” Julian cut Vans off. “If she loves me

so much, wouldn’t she want to be with me all the time?”

Vans cleared his throat awkwardly, quite bewildered. He never imagined that the

great chairman of Fulcher Inc. would one day be struck with the desire to be

glued to someone’s side all day long.

Julian could tell what Vans was thinking, and demanded, “Don’t you feel the

same way about Nina?”

Vans pursed his lips. “No.”

Julian threw Vans a sideways glance and muttered disdainfully, “Scumbag.”

Vans chose to ignore Julian’s comment. Instead, he asked, “Anyway, why are

you monitoring Diana all this time?”

“To help her.”

“What exactly do you want to help her with?”

“That’s none of your business,* Julian snapped. He immediately shoved Vans

out the door, closing it loudly behind the latter.

Vans saw stars for a moment with how hard Julian had pushed him. He wanted

to turn back and ask for an explanation, but found that the door was firmly


This man…!

Vans knocked on the door, but Julian refused to open it.

“Julian! What the hell are you planning to do?”

However, there was no response from Julian whatsoever. Vans thought about

the latter’s ridiculous actions throughout the time he had known Julian during his

relationship with Diana. He also pondered about the strange confidence Julian

had, especially regarding the latter’s insistence that Diana was in love with


Vans quickly connected the dots, and alarms blared out in his mind.

No, this wouldn’t do! He had to inform Diana!

With that, he hurriedly whipped out his phone.

On the other end, Julian was on the phone with Noel.

“It’s time to carry out the plan.”

He couldn’t wait any longer, not even a single second.

He wanted to do all he could to give Diana everything she wanted!

Unbeknownst to all, Kayla had stood outside the old mansion for a long time. A

sinister and jealous glint could be seen in her burning eyes.

She saw Diana leaving the place and the sign hanging outside the gate. She

even saw how Julian had hung up the sign himself!


That proud and dignified man had actually compared himself to a dog, just to

please Diana and make her feel at ease.

‘Dogs like Julian are not allowed inside…’

Kayla kept repeating that sentence in her mind, and the jealousy in her heart

continued to grow like seeds sown in the rainy season. They quickly took root

and sprouted through her body, from her heart to her eyes, then her limbs. They

grew rapidly like vines and wrapped around her entire body tightly.

The love Julian had for Diana should be Kayla’s! She was his savior! She and

Julian were childhood friends! She was the woman whom Julian spent his youth


And yet, why did everything fall apart because of a single trip abroad?

That wicked old hag who deliberately helped Kayla go abroad was to blame!


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