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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 451

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Chapter 451

The lights in the dining hall dimmed soon enough, giving the room an even

more antique feeling than usual.

Diana recalled Julian mentioning that his grandparents had personally designed

this place. Just like how Julian’s villa was filled with traces of their time together,

this place was also filled with traces of his grandparents.

However, his grandmother was the only one who remained now in this old


Perhaps no matter how great a relationship was, it could never withstand the

passage of time. They would either part with death, or time would change how

Enter title…

they felt.

No… Julian didn’t have a change of heart. He had simply been too focused on

one thing.

Diana rubbed her head in exasperation when she realized her thoughts had

once again turned to him.

Fortunately, Madam Fulcher soon appeared in her line of sight again. The older

woman slowly approached her, pushing a large cake toward Diana.


The cake was pink and had three layers. A princess figure was sitting in the

middle, and the words ’Happy Birthday” were written on the cake.

It was a cake Diana and Julian often had back in the villa, so it wasn’t surprising

that Madam Fulcher had ordered the same one today as she had sometimes

come over when they had it.

Anyway, it was impossible for Julian to have ordered it. Their relationship could

be described as distant and even under control, but it was definitely not

affectionate or loving.

In fact, the idea that those words would apply to their relationship was absurd.

Diana had never celebrated her birthdays before she turned eighteen. However,

Julian had been with her every birthday she had after she was eighteen; this

was the first time he was absent.

She felt an indescribable sense of loss, but she raised her head and tried not to

let anyone see the emotions in her eyes.

Madam Fulcher observed everything, but remained silent. She simply pulled out

a birthday hat, placed it on Diana’s head, and continued chatting merrily with


After a while, she asked Diana, “Shall we cut the cake?”

If Diana didn’t eat the cold soba soon, it would turn into a lump of dough.


Diana took the knife from Madam Fulcher and cut one-third of the cake to share

with everyone.

After a while, she felt like the missing portion of the cake was more than what

she had cut.

But there were only a few people here, and no one had finished their portions or

gone to get a second helping. Since it wasn’t important, she brushed the

thought aside.

“Why don’t you eat your soba? I’ll take a picture for you,” Nina suggested.

Diana considered this. She put down her cake and picked up her fork to eat the


Though the soba noodles used to be many strands, it now sat in the bowl as

one big fat lump; it had been soaking in the sauce for too long, and had

expanded several times in size as a result.

Despite its now unappetizing appearance, Diana still remembered that it was

something her mother had personally made for her.


The taste wasn’t at all great.

In fact, it was too salty.

Diana took one bite and nearly spat it out. She laughed at how stupid she was,

and said self-deprecatingly, “I’m so silly, bringing noodles like this on a long

journey here.”

Madam Fulcher noted Diana’s changed expression and asked, “Was it too


“Yeah,” Diana replied with a nod.

As always, Nina was quick to speak her mind. “Rather than the taste of a

mother’s love, it’s the taste of salt…”

“…You’re right,” Diana agreed.

Perhaps because of the lack of love in her life, Diana had always been easily

amused by jokes like that. She even added, “If I ever miss Kate in the future, I’ll

just eat some salt to remember her.”

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