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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 453

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Chapter 453

Oliver looked at Diana and explained, “This is my birthday gift to you.’

Diana was confused at first, but then she quickly understood what he meant. No

wonder the boy in the photo looked familiar to her! It was the one she had saved

when she was a child.

Impressed with Oliver’s efficiency, she exclaimed with wide eyes, “I didn’t expect

you actually to look into the incident!”

“Of course I would.’

Enter title…

Oliver wanted to help her identify the boy she had saved so he would have an

excuse to see her a few more times. “Now that we have a photo, we just need

an adult who knew the children in Richburgh well to identify the boy.”

Madam Fulcher was listening, but she didn’t understand their conversation.

“What are you two talking about? What boy?”

Oliver pushed the photo further toward her. “This boy. As an elder who’s familiar

with majority of the noble families in Richburgh, can you tell us who he is?”

Madam Fulcher was chewing on some food at this moment, and she choked a

little when she saw the photo.


Oliver asked anxiously, “Who is it?”

Madam Fulcher glanced at Diana, hesitation flashing her eyes. She swallowed

the food and wiped her mouth before saying, ‘I don’t know.’

Oliver was disappointed. “Even you don’t know?”

He had exerted a lot of effort to get his hands on this photo, and he wanted to

let Madam Fulcher have a look as she should have seen most of the noble

families’ children in the past. Unexpectedly, even she knew nothing about it.

“Yes,” Madam Fulcher said, her eyes flickering slightly. “I’ve never really seen

this boy before. This photo must be quite old.”

It seemed Madam Fulcher truly didn’t know who the boy was.

Oliver couldn’t stop the frustration that hit him, and Diana even more so.

Although she hadn’t really expected anything before, she now had a strange

feeling about it.

She felt as if she had known the boy in the photo for a long time, and this

inexplicable familiarity made her eager to discover the boy’s true identity.

Evidently, Oliver noted the disappointment on her face and said, “It’s okay. I’ll

continue looking into it.”

Even if he had to scour the entirety of Richburgh, he would continue

investigating this as long as Diana was interested in it.

Unexpectedly, Madam Fulcher suddenly called him back just as everyone was

leaving Diana’s birthday party. She led him to the backyard, avoiding everyone

else along the way, and took him on a stroll.

“What do you plan to do with that photo?” Madam Fulcher asked sharply. All

prior kindness from the celebration just now had disappeared.

Oliver immediately became alert. He could already guess why she reacted this


“Then, the boy in the photo…”

Madam Fulcher nodded. “Yes, it’s Julian.”

Lightning seemed to have struck Julian’s body whole.

Oliver never imagined that the boy would turn out to be Julian.

The person Diana saved when she was a child turned out to be Julian, and

Oliver had been the one to discover this?!

For a moment, Oliver was stuck between wanting to cry and laughing at the

irony of the situation. He clutched the photo tightly, feeling as if someone had

knocked him in the head, leaving him somewhat disorientated.

Seeing the sorrow and loneliness in his eyes, Madam Fulcher knew that Oliver

had no bad intentions and was a clever man.

With that thought in mind, she quickly explained, “I didn’t mention it just now

because Diana was there. She’s been feeling conflicted about Julian recently,

and I was afraid that mentioning his name on her birthday would upset her…”

“I understand.”

When it came to considering Diana’s feelings, Oliver and Madam Fulcher were

on the same wavelength.

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