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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 454

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Chapter 454

As it turned out, the little boy Diana rescued when she was a child was Julian. It

was a fact Oliver found hard to accept.

“I saw Julian when I was younger, and he wasn’t as chubby as he was in this

picture. His face doesn’t look quite the same, either. Are you sure this is Julian?”

Right after he asked this question, Oliver felt that he was a clown.

Julian was Madam Fulcher’s biological grandson. Obviously, it was impossible

for the older woman to make a mistake.

Enter title…

“Yes. Back then, the activity for all the heirs to gain experience was arranged

under my husband’s orders. I remember that you participated in it as well. My

husband praised you, saying that you were a talented child who’s just as good

as Julian.’

Here, Madam Fulcher gave Oliver an admiring look.

“Back then, my husband was a little muddle-headed. He was afraid his health

wouldn’t allow him to support the family for long. He seemed to think that others

would be intimidated by Julian’s identity and wouldn’t display their full abilities

while competing with Julian. So, he pulled some strings and had Julian’s

appearance changed in a short period of time.”

It was also to increase the difficulty in Julian’s training.

Not only did her husband make Julian fat, but the man also modified Julian’s

originally handsome face. He feared the children from other prestigious families

would recognize the boy and defer to him.

“I see…” Oliver finally understood. “Do you remember Julian having a high fever

back then?”

“Of course,” Madam Fulcher said. She got angry as soon as the matter was

mentioned. “His grandfather tortured him so much, to the point that a high fever

was deemed insignificant!”

Madam Fulcher had been affectionate with her husband her whole life, but she

would never let go of her grudge toward him when it came to Julian.

“Back then, Julian suffered a lot. Fortunately, someone saved him,” Madam

Fulcher said with a sigh. It was obvious she refused to talk about it anymore.

“It’s getting late, and the weather forecast said it’s going to rain tonight. You

should leave now, my dear.”

Whenever she thought of Kayla saving Julian, her heart would ache.

If it weren’t for that heavy debt of gratitude, that accursed girl wouldn’t have the

chance to cause such a ruckus in the Fulcher family and meddle in Julian’s


During their conversation, the sky had already turned gloomy. Fall was a season

filled with heavy rain and thunderstorms, after all.

Oliver knew it was inconvenient for him to stay for too long, but he still pressed

on, “Do you know who saved Julian in the past?”

“I do,” Madam Fulcher said. “But nobody wants to bring that up again.”

Was that why Madam Fulcher was so good to Diana?

But judging from Madam Fulcher’s tone, it sounded like she didn’t want to talk

about it anymore.

Oliver didn’t press further and left the old mansion with mixed feelings. He got

into his car; instead of driving away in a rush, he sat in the driver’s seat and lit a

cigarette. The dim glow illuminated his features, and faint traces of sadness

could be seen on them.

He wasn’t sure what Diana would think once she found out. Her connection with

Julian went far beyond their marriage. Was it fate that Oliver had uncovered the

facts of their bygone past?

Raindrops fell quickly from the sky; Oliver raised his hand, holding his cigarette

outside the car.

It spluttered and went out upon coming into contact with the rain, leaving him in

the throes of melancholia.

Back at the old mansion, Julian stood by the window with a displeased


“Why didn’t Oliver take Diana home after dinner?”

Vans, who had supposedly already left the mansion, appeared behind him. He

couldn’t help but shake his head as he replied helplessly, “Maybe something

else was going on. I saw him talking to Madam Fulcher.”

“What could be more important than taking Diana home?” Julian sneered in

response, annoyed. “He even stayed behind to chat with Grandma on purpose.

He’s clearly avoiding her!”

He then threw a photo on the table; it was one of Oliver and Diana in the studio,

taken last night.

“Look at this! Diana’s shown interest in him, but he keeps backing away. Even

when he left, he didn’t bother to look back. Diana was the one who chased after

him to say something. It’s obvious who’s pursuing who!”

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