Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 449

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After thinking about it for a while, Diana called the servants to remove the wooden sign. However,
Fulcher stopped her.

“No need to bring it down!”

As soon as the older woman saw Diana, her eyes instantly lit up.

“Diana, come here. Come to me, alright?”

Diana, however, refused to move and pointed to the sign. “Isn’t this a little inappropriate?”

In this world, comparing Julian to a dog was something only his grandmother would dare to do.

She wondered how Julian would feel if he saw it.

But Madam Fulcher simply smiled mysteriously. “That’s fine. It’s good, in fact.”

Then she added, “Think about it. If Julian saw this wooden sign, would he still come in?”

Diana replied, “He won’t be embarrassed enough not to enter, but he’d probably be angry enough not

After all, he was a proud and dignified man. And yet, his grandmother now hated him.

The thought of his furrowed brows made Diana feel inexplicably happy.

“Anyway, the results will be the same. He won’t come in.” Madam Fulcher’s smiling eyes showed that
though she was an old lady, she still had the charming radiance of a young girl.

In that instant, for some reason, Diana recalled Mr. Crawford.

The woman he liked must be as interesting and beautiful as Madam Fulcher, who could leave such a
deep impression and make someone remember her for many years.

“So,” Madam Fulcher said after noticing that Diana was distracted. “Just relax and stay with me, okay?
I keep my promises, after all. As long as you’re here, and you say you don’t want to see him, I’ll never
give you a chance to meet you!”

“Can you really bear to do that?” Diana asked.

“Of course!” Madam Fulcher laughed and pulled Diana towards the yard, refusing to let her go back to
the sign.

After a few steps, Madam Fulcher reached out to take the package from Diana’s hand.

“What’s this? It feels heavy.”

“It’s nothing.” Diana shrugged. “It’s just a bowl of noodles.”

“Where did you pack it?” Madam Fulcher asked as she held up the bowl before her face and turned it
around to study it. “There’s no brand or store name on it, either. Which store is it from? Do you like it a

Madam Fulcher also brought it up to her nose to sniff.

“Kate made it,” Diana confessed, not wanting to lie to Madam Fulcher. “Today…is my birthday. She
called me to the Winnington residence and made me a bowl of soba. But then she told me that given
Kayla’s bad mood the last time I was there for dinner, she couldn’t let me stay and eat. So she packed
it in a box and told me to eat it outside.”

It was a brief explanation, but it was enough to break Madam Fulcher’s heart.

She looked at Diana in a distressed manner. Finally, she understood why Julian had called her so
urgently earlier, asking her to prepare for Diana’s birthday this year. Julian had prepared the food early
on, flying in fresh ingredients from all over the world. Even the drinks had been made by top Michelin
restaurants in Richburgh. All the food that had been prepared was everything that Diana loved.

“Diana..” Madam Fulcher pulled Diana to sit in the dining room. “Have a seat first.”

After saying that, Madam Fulcher opened the soba container. The noodles were now all stuck together.

She picked up a strand of noodles with her chopsticks and said, “It’s really soba, and it was made with
great care.”

In truth, the soba noodles had been soaked in the package for so long that it looked extremely

However, Madam Fulcher still valued it.

Madam Fulcher had seen.

Diana knew Madam Fulcher was trying to comfort her, as the latter didn’t throw the soba Kate had
made. through Dilonging for her mother and thus, told her and explicitly and implicitly said that Kate
had put in a lot of effort the soba for her; all to ease the sadness in her heart.

Diana knew very well how kind Madam Fulcher was to her.

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