Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 448

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Before Kate was a mother, she would always be first and foremost James’s wife.

In that case, why should Diana do something that could ruin Kate and Kayla’s relationship? She had to
admit that she had already lost to Kayla in terms of love; and now, she had also lost to the latter in
terms of familial ties.

Kate had indeed hurt her today because the truth was within reach, but Diana could see the clear
resistance Kate exerted.

Perhaps Kate wasn’t a fool. Perhaps it was Diana who was one who was a fool in the entire world.

She at first assumed that Kate had been kept in the dark all these years; but in reality, it seemed Kate
knew everything all along.

“Since you don’t want to accept it or face the music, I won’t force you,” Diana said, looking straight in
her eyes. “I hope you take care of yourself.”

With that said, Diana turned to leave.

Kate stepped forward and handed the packed bowl of soba without looking into Diana’s eyes
throughout the exchange. She said stiffly, “I already made it, and food shouldn’t be wasted. Take it with

Thus, the joy of Diana’s birthday celebration was thoroughly gone.

Diana accepted the packed soba, not bothered to argue with Kate again.


Walking to the door, Diana glanced back again and said, “Thank you for remembering my birthday.”

“You’re welcome,” Kate replied. “Your birthday is also the day of my suffering. When you celebrate your
birthday in the future, I hope you consider the hardships of being a mother a little more.”

Diana was speechless. In reality, she was aware that every member of the Winnington family was
ridiculous and unreasonable. And yet, Diana would always hold onto that elusive, damned blood
relationship between them, and be unable to help but empathize with them and feel heartbroken about
it all.

But tonight, she didn’t turn back.

She was afraid that if she did, she wouldn’t be able to stop the tears of anguish from falling.

After leaving the Winnington residence, Diana looked at the soba in her hand. She thought of
everything that had happened in the Winnington residence, and felt even more bitter.

Yet, the soba was the first she had ever gotten of her mother’s handiwork.

In the end, she didn’t have the heart to throw it away.

Thinking about it, surprisingly, she didn’t know where she should go today. After thinking for so long,
she first went to the graveyard where the grave of her babies was. From there, she went to the old

Madam Fulcher would be there.

Diana wanted to spend this meaningful day with the older woman.

As soon as Diana arrived at the old mansion, she was met with a great shock.

The mansion’s walls had been hand painted with careful brushstrokes. They added an elegant taste of
landscape painting to the already beautiful, traditional architecture of the mansion, especially with how
it usually stood tall and proud in the sun.

However, the usually elegant and heavy gate now had a huge wooden sign hanging on it.

It read, “Dogs like Julian Fulcher are not allowed inside!”

Diana was speechless.

Who in the Fulcher family would dare write such a thing?!

Was it…

Madam Fulcher?!

Diana recalled the last time Madam Fulcher had promised her that Julian wouldn’t be allowed to come
to the mansion as long as Diana was here, and her heart skipped a beat. She had a feeling that
Madam Fulcher might have escalated this restriction.

It felt good to be spoiled and pampered, but…

Treating her own grandson this way must be giving Madam Fulcher discomfort.

Diana couldn’t simply accept the kindness of Madam Fulcher and not do anything in return for the

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