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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 450

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Chapter 450

“But you can’t eat this anymore,” Madam Fulcher said with a sly wink. “Besides, I have a gift for you.”

Diana instinctively thought it was some jewelry or, god forbid, more company shares; she was terrified
and almost refused on the spot. But before she could say anything, she heard familiar voices ring out.

“Happy birthday, Diana!”

“Diana, happy birthday!”

“Diana! Happy birthday!”

“Happy birthday!”

Diana turned to find Vans, Nina, Oliver and…a recording of Fanny’s voice?!

She was shocked. “W–Why are you guys here?”

“Madam Fulcher invited us!” Nina said with a smile as she sat down next to Diana. She studied the
grand decor of the old mansion and the antiques on display everywhere as she lamented to Diana,
“What? Did you think I’d forget your birthday?”

“Yes?” Diana’s eyes were red. “You brat! You didn’t even say a word to me!”

“If I told you about it, it wouldn’t be a surprise!” Nina laughed gleefully and pulled out her camera,
snapping a picture of Diana before the latter could react.

“Go ahead and cry your heart out, okay? I’m going to get these photos done and show them to Aster
and Star!


Diana grinned immediately. “No, don’t do that! Take more pictures of me smiling!”

She hoped her babies would be happy once they saw it. She didn’t want them to see her crying face
while they were on the other side.

“I was always in a bad mood when I was pregnant with them,” Diana said. She couldn’t help but blame
herself a little when she thought about it.

Seeing how her mood was about to plummet again, Vans and Olive spoke up. “Diana, all of us came
here with Nina. Why are you only paying attention to her?”

It was only then that Diana remembered she hadn’t greeted the rest.

“Come sit with me!”

Diana asked the servants to add two chairs beside her. Once they were all seated, Diana told them,

for coming today.”

“Madam Fulcher invited us, after all.”

Vans had met Madam Fulcher a couple of times, so he was more relaxed than Oliver in here. Thus, he
took the initiative to say, “She said it was your birthday today, so it’d be good to have a lively
celebration. Oliver and I were working in the same unit today, and since it wasn’t busy, we came

“This is Fanny’s present to you,” Oliver said as he pushed a small box to Diana. “She couldn’t come,
but she

sent her gift and blessings.”

Even Fanny had given her a gift!

This was the first time Diana had received so many blessings and wishes from her friends, so she
eagerly accepted the gift.

Once she opened the box, a small note was lying inside.

It wasn’t jewelry or anything similar, which was very in line with Fanny’s style.

Diana smiled and opened the note; there was only one sentence on it, in cursive font celebrities usually
used for signing autographs. “Keep going!“.

Fanny must’ve found out about the situation with the studio and was encouraging her. To Diana, these
simple words were worth more than gold. They gave her a sense of understanding, support, and
valuable friendship.

Diana smiled and said to Oliver, “Please thank her for me.”

Seeing how happy Diana looked, Oliver asked curiously, “What did she give you? I want to see it. She
didn’t let me read it.”

“It’s a note,” Diana said with a smile. “A very meaningful note.”

She could feel Fanny’s encouragement from the words.

Oliver shrugged. “I didn’t realize you guys had secrets.”

Diana showed a rare playful side and winked at him, then said, “Maybe we’ll have more secrets in the

Oliver didn’t take Diana’s words seriously, thinking she was only joking. Much later, when he looked
back on today, he realized that everything had been set in motion early on, and that he had missed so
much because he was careless…

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