Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 447

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Warmth gradually surrounded Diana, but as soon as she looked down, she saw that the noodles had
already been packed away in a plastic box. The joy in her dissipated.

The smile on her lips vanished slowly, and even the warmth in her heart chilled.

“If you’re celebrating my birthday and even asked me to come here, why would you pack it away?”
Diana asked. “Is it because you don’t want me to stay for dinner?”

There wasn’t even room for her to eat a bowl of noodles in this family.

Kate grew awkward at her words. “Diana…”

She hesitated, but in the end, she admitted truthfully, “The last time you stayed for dinner, Kayla found
out about it and got upset. I don’t want this kind of trouble to happen again. You’re her older sister, so
you should let her have her way a little, okay?”

Older sister?


“I don’t have a younger sister like that,” Diana said firmly. “Much less having to give in to her whims.”

Kate grew angry with her words.

“You’re so ignorant, Diana! Do you know how much strength Kayla gave me after your disappearance?
If not for her, I would have…” Kate trailed off, hiding her face behind her hands as she sobbed. “I
wouldn’t be alive now!”

“So because I was lost, Kayla became your life?! I’m the victim here! Why should I have to compromise
when she stole so many things from me?!”

“What do you mean, stole?” Kate was furious after hearing Diana’s accusation. “It’s your own fault for
being unlucky! You’re the one who got lost, and now you’re blaming Kayla?!”

Kate now regretted inviting Diana to her home over and making the latter the bowl of soba.

“I shouldn’t have gotten close to you! Even if you gave me those flowers and your father that plaque, it
still doesn’t change the fact that you grew up in the countryside with no proper upbringing!”

It’s your own fault for being unlucky.

You’re the one who got lost.

Grew up in the countryside.

With no proper upbringing.

Were these really words a mother would say to their child?!

Diana laughed, then said coldly, “Kate.”

She didn’t even want to call this woman before her ‘Mom‘ anymore, and simply called the woman by

“Did you ever consider how I, the daughter of the Winnington family, could get lost in plain sight? Did it

occur to you why Kayla looked so much like James, despite her only being an adopted daughter?!”

The last time she left the Winnington family, she had been filled with frustration and anger.

Yet never once did Diana entertain the thought of directing those feelings toward Kate, let alone make
the latter endure the pain of being betrayed by her husband.

Yet, this woman…

Kate kept pushing Diana to her limits, angering her repeatedly, and even insulting her.

“Where’s Lucy?” Diana suddenly asked, and Kate didn’t respond. Diana looked around and continued,
“She used to come out as soon as I arrived. Why haven’t I seen her today? Also, where’s James? It’s
his day off, but he isn’t at home?”

Her words were subtle, but the meaning behind them were crystal clear.

Panic and shock flashed in Kate’s eyes, but she hurriedly concealed it.

“I’m your mother, but I can’t even admonish you with a few words? I only said one thing, yet you seem
to have hundreds of words waiting to refute me. And until now, we still haven’t acknowledged you as a
member of our family. Your father gave you a chance back then, but you refused. You have no right to
inquire about James or our servants‘ whereabouts!”

Diana was almost amused by the state Kate was in.

However, she simply gave Kate a disappointed look and said, “Okay. I don’t have that right.”

She had already said what she wanted to, but Kate didn’t seem to want to think about it. There was
nothing Diana could do about it.

“Likewise, you don’t have the right to teach me how to be an older sister because I have no proper
upbringing. I’m just an unruly girl from the countryside. My parents died a long time ago, so I’ll thank
you to not contact me ever again, Mrs. Winnington.”

Diana was finally clear on this matter.

Even if she bluntly stated the fact that James had deliberately lost her, even if she revealed his
adulterous affair with Lucky and Kayla’s illegitimate birth, Kate would still find a way to excuse them all.

After all, Kate would unfailingly choose to always stand the opposite of where Diana was.

She would always be on James’s side!

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