Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 446

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But since Oliver was covering his ears, he probably didn’t hear Diana’s words.

Diana shook her head helplessly, then rearranged things in the studio before returning to the hospital.

She had been living in the hospital for almost a month now, and she checked the date Madam Fulcher
had set for her to stay. Noting that it was ending soon, she started to think about where she should go
after it expired. Besides renting a place, there really wasn’t anywhere else she could go at the moment.

The next day, she received a call from Kate.

“Come home for a bit,” Kate said, and there was even a hint of warmth in her voice. “I have something
for you.”

Kate had something for Diana? Plus, she had even taken the initiative to contact Diana?

From the time Diana had sent Kate flowers and after what Kayla had sent Diana after that, Diana never
thought that Kate would contact her again, let alone have any real progress in their mother–daughter

Diana couldn’t lie and said the call made her unhappy.

“Is Kayla not here?”

It was a holiday today, so Diana wondered if she would bump into Kayla in the Winnington residence.
Yet, not only did she not see Kayla, but James or Lucy weren’t there either. She couldn’t help but look
around and wonder where they all were.

Seeing how much she was affected by Kayla’s absence, Kate looked at her calmly and replied, “Kayla
moved into the apartment Julian bought for her two days ago, and hasn’t come home since.”

Two days ago…

That was when Diana had seen them smiling at each other after leaving the tea house.

So, it was the day Kayla moved into the apartment. It was no wonder she looked so happy.

Diana’s searching gaze froze, and she felt a sharp prick in her heart. Staring blankly at nothing, she
replied numbly, “I see.”

Kate went out for a while and came back to see Diana’s expression. There was a fleeting trace of
heartache in her eyes, but it disappeared quickly enough. She brought the tray she was carrying and
placed it on the table, then spoke to Diana seriously, “It’s only a matter of time before Kayla and Julian
get married. As her sister, don’t be upset at them, okay?”

Diana was silent for a moment. She was about to speak when Kate interrupted her, “Come over here.”

Kate had a kind smile on her face, an expression that Diana rarely saw on the older woman that was
directed to her. It was very…motherly.

Diana’s heart warmed slightly, and she couldn’t help but move closer to Kate.

“Look,” Kate said, opening the lid on the tray.

Diana looked down and found…

“A bowl of soba?”

The noodles were well–proportioned. There were two green leaves floating on the top, a poached egg
in the middle, and two shrimps on the side.

It was a dish that had been meticulously prepared.

“Yes,” Kate said. “I made it myself.”

With that, she handed the chopsticks to Diana and said, “Try it.”

But as soon as she said that, she seemed to regret her words and had the servant pack it up in a
container instead.

“Take it home to eat,” she said.

The last time Diana had been over for dinner, Kayla had been deeply unhappy. Kate remembered
Kayla tearfully begging her to never invite Diana for dinner ever again.

Still, today was…

“Since it’s your birthday, I wanted to make a bowl of soba for you. It represents longevity. That’s why I
invited you here.”

Diana was stunned, and belatedly realized that it was her birthday today. She had been so busy lately
that she had completely forgotten about it.

Never did she imagine that Kate, of all people, would be the first person to bring it up.

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