Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 445

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Nina was right. Diana couldn’t let nature run its course regarding this matter, because Kayla hadn’t
gotten what she deserved.

And Julian…was still interfering with Diana’s life as he pleased.

This wasn’t the ending Diana wanted.

Thinking about it, Diana suddenly jumped to her feet and offered to wipe the sweat off Oliver’s face.

He looked at how close her face was to his, and his heart skipped a beat.

Instinctively, his eyes widened and he looked at her strangely, as if asking why she was suddenly doing

with the look on his face.

“Sorry,” Diana said, backing away slightly as she whispered, “I know it’s despicable of me to use you
like this, but now, I have no choice because Julian might have someone nearby to monitor me. I want
to remind him that I’m not Kayla. I’m Diana, his ex–wife, and I hope he can stop meddling in my affairs.”

Oliver finally reacted and said, “He’s spying on you?”

“I guess so,” Diana said with a weak laugh. “He seemed to know everything I do anyway, even which
investors I’ve met for talks, where and who I’ve met, and what I was wearing.”

“Do you need me to step in?” Oliver asked.

Although he had a bad falling out with his family over his decision to become a doctor at the city
hospital, he was still influential enough.

He didn’t want Diana to feel helpless again when faced with Julian’s machinations.

However, he also hesitated to interfere for fear of making her angry.

“No need,” Diana refused, as expected.

Oliver’s face stiffened instantly.

Even though he had gotten used to the deliberate wall and distance she put between them, his heart
still throbbed when he heard the words from her lips.

He wondered when he would become the only one she wanted to rely on.

Diana’s mind was elsewhere at the moment, so she didn’t notice Oliver’s expression. She threw the
soiled. tissues into the trash can and said, “You don’t have to rush over like that next time. If there’s
anything, you can always tell me over the phone.”

Oliver seemed to sense the distance her words made. His insides grew even colder as he said numbly,
“I’ll take note of that next time…”

Diana looked down and glanced at the wound on his hand. Oliver was a good doctor, obviously, as the
wound had been well treated. There were hardly any marks on it now.

She started slowly, “As for the matter I was considering last time…”

“Diana, wait a little longer,” Oliver said, looking up at her gravely. “Wait a few more days before telling
me the answer. It’s not urgent.”

After that, he laughed and added, “If your answer doesn’t change, I’ll never let you say it out loud.”

The guilt in Diana’s heart grew heavier when she saw him like this. According to Nina, since Diana
couldn’t let things run its natural course, she needed a new man to get over Julian.

But she couldn’t bring an innocent person into the mix when she hadn’t dealt with the mess and the
feelings from her previous relationship. Some things simply needed to be said.


“Okay, that’s enough,” Oliver said, standing up suddenly as if he was trying to avoid a predator with
how fast he walked out of the place. “It’s good as long as this problem doesn’t affect you. Seeing how
you handled it so well, I believe Fanny will be pleased as your first investor, and I didn’t make a
mistake. As for me helping you find the boy who you saved when you were a child, I’m looking into it. I
already have a few leads, but confirming his identity will take some time. Just wait a little longer, and I’ll
contact you once I know.”

Oliver didn’t give Diana a chance to respond and simply repeated, “I’ll contact you soon.”

It seemed that if Diana didn’t contact him, Oliver would take even more initiative to get in contact with

Diana sensed his intentions and wanted to say something about it, but Oliver childishly covered his
ears, clearly not wanting to hear her words.

Diana was exasperated, so she could only poke her head out the door and call out, “Be careful on your
way back!”

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