Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 444

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Just as soon as Diana said those words, she received a call from Oliver.

Diana was startled by the coincidence, and she quickly answered the call, only for Oliver to start with,
Diana, who have you offended lately? Why didn’t you tell me that your studio was in trouble?”

He hadn’t spoken to her in such an anxious and urgent tone before. Diana was a little stunned, so it
took her a few moments to gather herself before asking, “Where did you hear that from?”

After she finished speaking, the call was cut. She was confused, then looked up to see Oliver rushing
into the studio, which shocked her even more.

“Why are you here?”

“I came to check on you,” Oliver replied.

He was relieved to see that she was safe and sound.

“I heard recently that there was a deliberate attempt to sabotage a fashion design studio. I didn’t pay
much attention to it at first, but after investigating, I found out it was your studio.”

“That’s true,” Diana said, handing him a paper and pouring a glass of water for him. She invited him to
have a seat before explaining slowly, “Marvin Trotter tried to set me up.”

After she finished her version of the events leading up to the current, Oliver shook his head.

“It’s not about that.”

The version Oliver had heard had nothing to do with Marvin. Seeing the confusion on Diana’s face,
Oliver hesitated but eventually said, “It’s Julian.”

Diana’s heart skipped a beat when she heard the name, and she tensed even as a fog clouded her

“Why do you say that?”

“Recently, those in the investment circle have been saying that they weren’t allowed to invest in B
Studio as Julian didn’t allow them to,” Oliver said. “It so happened at the time when your studio needed
additional funding.”

Once he finished speaking, Oliver couldn’t help but give Diana a hurt look.

“You should’ve told me when something so big happened. Fanny and I would’ve been willing to inject
more capital in.”

Plus, they weren’t limited or controlled by Julian.

They would only do anything they were willing to do.

“I already have an investor,” Diana said, showing the contract she had just signed to Oliver. “It’s a
distant relative of my landlord who’s not part of the investment circle you’re in, and has nothing to do
with the design industry. He’s just a landlord with a lot of money, so…perhaps he might have slipped
under Julian’s radar.”

“Hmm…” Oliver hummed as he studied the contract. “But this contract…”

There wasn’t much benefit to the landlord who had signed this contract. All terms prioritized Fanny’s
interest as the first investor.

“He only wants some dividends. He has too much money on hand and doesn’t know what to do with it,”
Diana explained. “Maybe I got lucky, since it isn’t easy for a person to avoid Julian’s control.”

But she couldn’t figure out why Julian had given her Marvin’s information, acted like a good guy, then
turned around and tried to make things difficult for her behind her back.

Was he trying to force her to accept his money and investment because of how similar her face was to

Even after they had divorced, was he still trying to control everything she did?

That was simply unreasonable!

Oliver saw that her mind was somewhere else, so he said, “Diana, don’t overthink this. If you want to
talk Julian, I can go with you.‘

“No, there’s no need for that,” Diana replied. “I’ll just try not to get involved with him as much as

Anyway, the matter was settled.

There was no point going after Julian to ask more questions now.

But it did add another layer of disgust in her heart for him. Thinking about it, there was only one reason
for him to do those things.

“He doesn’t want me to live well.”


Diana seemed stumped by the question. She was silent for a moment before laughing mockingly, “Why
else? It can only be because of Kayla.”

That was the deepest bond between Diana and Julian.

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