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Chapter 443

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When Nina saw the stunned and hesitant look on Diana’s face, she pressed further. “Do you have any
proof that Mr. Whatever is related to Julian?”

“No,” Diana replied. “It’s just a gut feeling…”

Feelings are just that, and it’s not facts,” Nina reassured Diana. “You’re in the early stages of your
business, so you have to take good opportunities when they come. And even if Julian had something to
do with it, what could he force you to do? Make you submit? Remarry him?”

“That’s impossible,” Diana said, looking at Nina in shock. “After all that’s happened, can’t you see I’m
just a dispensable pet in his eyes that he plays with whenever he likes? I’m not his true love. Kayla is.”

This was a matter that Diana had repeatedly reminded herself after the divorce.

“But I’m sick of this uncomfortable feeling he gives me whenever he plays with me,” Diana added.

“Diana, you haven’t been able to forget him nor stop loving him,” Nina said with a sigh. “You just can’t
stop caring about him, and that’s why you keep thinking he has something to do with things, whether
they go smoothly or not.”

Diana was taken aback by her friend’s words. “Really?”


When she had spoken to Oliver back then, he had advised her to just let things with Julian take their
natural course.

“I guess I’m still too uptight about it,” Diana muttered after pondering about it for a moment.

“That’s normal too. After all, you loved him for three whole years, and you even conceived two babies
with him. Even though they’re no longer… Regardless, no one can replace those experiences between
the two of you,” Nina said.

In short, they’ve been through so much together that it’s almost impossible to separate from him

“But I haven’t forgiven him,” Diana said, realizing this and feeling distressed. “As long as he doesn’t
resolve things with Kayla and Mr. Carter, I’ll despise him every day. But… Why do I still think about him
and involuntarily connect everything with him?”

“Letting things take their natural course isn’t enough. You need a new man,” Nina said, not wanting
Diana to dwell on the issues of the babies. “I think Oliver isn’t bad. Have you considered giving him a

“I don’t have that kind of romantic interest in him,” Diana said with a sigh.

As they were walking, they made their way to the studio. Just as they entered the place, Diana’s staff
handed her a document and said, “Ma’am, this is a contract we just received.”


Diana accepted it and opened the envelope, and her eyes widened after she read it.

Nina leaned over anxiously.

“What? What is it?”

“Mr. Whatever really does whatever he wants, huh?” Diana wasn’t sure if she was happy or concerned.
“He returned the contract so quickly.”

“Let’s see what his name is,” Nina said, scanning down the document for his name. Then, she snorted
and laughed.

Diana followed suit after a while, and gasped, “How could he also write ‘Whatever‘ as his name? Is that
really his name?!”

Nina questioned reasonably, “Is he playing with us?”

“I don’t think so,” Diana said in surprise as she handed Nina her phone, on which she had just received
a text message. “The investment money has been transferred to me.”

This meant the man hadn’t only accepted all her requests, but had also helped her out with the fastest
speed possible.

“That’s great!” Nina was happy for her best friend from the bottom of her heart. “Go! I’m sure you need
to get to work!”

She bade goodbye to Diana and said, “I’m just glad everything worked out and that you’re okay now. I’ll
head back to work too, then. When you’re done with what you need to do, let’s catch up again, okay?”

After a moment, Nina added, “Don’t think too much about things, okay? Even if you want to, think about
other men.”

“Yeah, sure.” Diana knew who Nina was referring to. “I’ll think about it.”

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