Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 441

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Julian felt his heart almost stop when Diana jumped out and shouted his name.

Still, he was confident that he hadn’t revealed any flaws. Even his voice had been changed with the
use of a voice changer, so it was impossible for Diana to hear the difference.

So, she was simply trying to fool him into thinking she knew.

“Who’s Julian?” Julian replied, trying to seem innocent and asking in an even more ignorant tone. “Did
you call someone else to come see me today, other than the lady beside you?”

Diana’s confidence visibly drained away, and she looked a little confused. “I’m sorry, I called the wrong
name by mistake.”

Called the wrong name, huh?

Diana had obviously done it to try and surprise him, testing if he really was Julian.

The corner of his lips curled into a smirk, and he looked at the voice changer in his hand.

“It’s fine. Go ahead and eat. We’ll talk about the investment after the meal. I still have to collect rent
after this.”

The man behind the screen seemed to be a legitimate rent collector.

Had she been mistaken?

Diana sat back down in a daze and tried to look behind the screen again, but Nina pulled her back.
“Let’s just eat for now, okay? If you keep trying to look, he might be annoyed and pull back his

“But…” Diana felt the man was just too familiar.

Even if she couldn’t see his face or the outline of his back, and even though his voice was
unrecognizable, she

was almost confident that the man’s tone and aura were Julian.

Though, Nina had a point.

Diana slowly reached over to pick up her utensils and dug into the dishes before her.

“This taste…”

The food also tasted a little like what the Fulcher family chef usually made.

But… The man behind the screen was only a landlord and didn’t seem to know Julian.

However, the food was delicious, and Diana’s guard lowered as she ate. During the meal, she tried to
probe many times, but the man calmly brushed her off. It seemed he really had nothing to do with

Perhaps she really was mistaken.

Diana put down her utensils, wiped her mouth, and explained the investment conditions and benefits to

“Do you need some time to think about it?”

“No need,” Mr. Whatever said in an arrogant tone. “Stop delaying me from collecting rent.”

Today was the end of the month, which was the day to collect rent.

Diana was stumped for a moment, but she wasn’t completely discouraged and persisted in asking,
“Can I meet you face–to–face before signing the contract?”

“No,” Mr. Whatever replied. “Just leave the signed contract on the table. I’ll pick it up and send it to your
studio after confirming everything is fine.”

“…You’re investing so much money. Don’t you want to at least see me?”

Seriously, this woman!

Julian’s eyes suddenly darkened, and a bitter feeling filled his heart.

“Do you want to meet men so badly?”

This harsh tone raised Diana’s suspicions again. It even gave her the urge to stand and push away the
screen without hesitation, just to see the true face of this man.

But in the end, for the sake of the money, she bit her lip and held back her rash impulses.

Julian noticed the silence that had descended in the room, and he immediately understood that he had
said something wrong again.

“Ahem. I just hate meeting people, especially beautiful women. My distant cousin mentioned that you’re
gorgeous, so that’s all the more reason I can’t see you. If you want to see a man, I can have my
assistant come out and see you instead.”

Diana breathed a huge sigh of relief.

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