Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 440

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The man’s voice sounded like a mix of a man and woman. It was a little gruff and sharp, and there was
also a slightly robotic quality to it.

Nina was aware of this, so her paparazzi tendencies reared their head. She pulled out her camera and
tried to see if she could get a picture of the man to see what he looked like, but Diana stopped her.

“He’s socially awkward,” Diana mouthed. “He’s no threat to us anyway, so we don’t have to know what
he looks like.”

“Fine,” Nina grumbled as she kept her camera away, slightly disappointed. “I was hoping to catch a
glimpse of a rich and eligible bachelor for you, but oh well. Let’s eat!”

Nina pointed to the table filled with food, her eyes shining brightly.

Diana saw the hungry look in Nina’s eyes and didn’t pursue her best friend’s strange thoughts. Still,
Diana shot Nina a glare to remind the latter to be careful of her words while they were before a

Nina stuck out her tongue, then followed Diana and sat down at the table.

When they sat down, both their faces changed.

The dishes before them…

Nina whispered suspiciously, “Diana… Are you close with your landlord? How does her cousin know
what you like?”

The table was filled with Diana’s favorite dishes.

Diana was also stunned as she stared at the food before her. She looked up quickly at the figure
behind the screen; but there were too many layers in between them, almost as if the screens were
wrapped around the man to conceal him from her.

Squinting hard, she tried with all her might to see what the man looked like. Yet, she could only see a
little of his outline. However, Diana found him quite familiar.

From the moment she first entered the private room, she sensed a familiar aura.

“Mr. Whatever?” Diana tried calling out to him, hoping to hear his voice again.


It was still the same mixed–gender, robotic voice, which didn’t sound anything like Julian or Oliver.

Diana relaxed a little at that. “We’re going to start eating. Are you sure you want to eat alone there?”

“Yes. I’m socially awkward, and I don’t like to see others.”

Diana’s landlord had explained this to her, but Diana hadn’t expected the man’s fear to be this extreme.

“Is the airflow on your side alright?” Nina couldn’t help but chime in jokingly.

“Yes, it’s fine. We can talk about the investment contract once you’re done eating.”


He was going straight for the contract?

Diana’s eyes widened. “Are you really going to invest in my studio? Don’t you need me to tell you a
little about it?”

“No need.”

It was already dinner time, and Julian was in a hurry to get Diana to eat. In the past few days, it was
obvious to Julian how haggard Diana looked. He feared she wasn’t taking care of her body after her
miscarriage, which may lead to long–term side effects later on.

However, there was no way to supervise all her meals during the day, much less have any chance to
eat with her under the same roof.

To have a chance like this today was already good enough for Julian.

“My cousin has already briefed me about it, and you gave her your word that you’ll guarantee a profit.
That’s enough for me, and I’ll invest.”

“But I have an investor that came before you, so the conditions for your investment will be more
stringent. Can you really accept it?”

“Don’t be so long–winded,” Julian shot back.

He was in such a hurry to have her eat that he unconsciously reverted back to his usual manner of

As always, he spoke in an authoritative and unquestionable tone.

Although his voice was different, the familiar tone and atmosphere in the room immediately caused
Diana to jump up to her feet.


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