Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 439

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Diana paused at the hesitant tone and asked, “What’s wrong? Will it be inconvenient for your cousin?”

“That’s not it,” the landlord replied. “It’s just… My cousin lives off of collecting rent. While he does have
a lot of money, he doesn’t usually meet people, especially beautiful women. He gets tongue–tied when
he does. Still, meeting in person is needed to talk about the terms of investment. Are you willing to
have a screen between you two when you meet him?”

“That won’t be difficult,” Diana said, understanding an introvert’s behavior. “It’s good enough that he
has an interest in investing. You can set the time and place.”

The landlord was silent for a while. Then, she quickly replied, “We can meet at the restaurant near your
studio. We’ll make the reservations and meet tonight, is that okay?”

“That soon?” Diana felt that this was going surprisingly well.

There was still some doubt in her mind.

“Yes,” the landlord replied. “I don’t have any reason to lie to you anyway, and I’m still waiting to collect
rent from you. If you’re doubtful, you can bring someone with you.”

“I didn’t mean it that way.” Diana hurried to explain. “For a moment, I find your cousin’s sudden
appearance a bit too coincidental…”

Basically, this stranger came when Diana was near the end of her rope.

And then a socially awkward, wealthy landlord suddenly appeared.

The kind of person she wouldn’t have had contact with if she wasn’t a landlord herself.

Even if Julian didn’t want others to invest in her, he wouldn’t have been able to imitate someone like
this, right?

The landlord chuckled awkwardly. “It’s not like I can do anything. He just has too much money…”

Hearing this familiar phrase, Diana thought for a moment and wondered if Julian had possessed her

On second thought, perhaps the essence of wealthy people was all the same; having too much money
would always be trouble. They always had to find ways to spend or make more money and earn
interest from it. Only then would they feel at ease.

In comparison, she was a dirt–poor entrepreneur.

Diana covered her chest and said, “Please tell him I’ll see him tonight.“‘

After she hung up, she thought there was something fishy about it the more she thought about it.

After all, how could a landlord who was only interested in profits and liked to take advantage of things
suddenly be so kind as to introduce her to an investor?

Even if the landlord had a rich relative who didn’t know where to spend his money, they wouldn’t just
come to her out of the blue like this.

For safety’s sake, Diana called Nina to accompany her. Fortunately, Nina got off work early today and
drove over to wait for Diana to finish work so they could go together.

The restaurant across the street was a traditional restaurant. It was mostly decorated with redwood,
and the walls and ceilings were mostly decorated with simple yellow lines.

When they walked in, it felt like they had entered an ancient palace.

At the same time…

It also could potentially be a nouveau riche residence.

Regardless, it wasn’t the kind of place Julian or Oliver would like. However, it did fit the image of the
landlord’s portrayal of her wealthy, distant cousin who lived off of rent.

Diana gave the receptionist her name. She and Nina were quickly shown to a private room.

As expected, there were screens at the entrance and in the middle of the room.

The man was sitting behind the screen; from Diana’s point of view, it was obvious he was treating
Diana like a predator and had barricaded himself within a tight wall.

Nina looked at the situation before them and exchanged a look with Diana, indicating it was safe. This
person wasn’t a danger.

Diana nodded, and called out to the person behind the screen.

“Hello, I’m Diana, the owner of B Studio. How should I address you?”


Diana hesitated before asking, “Mr. Whatever, sir?”

“Whatever,” the wealthy landlord, actually Julian, replied.

The man sounded quite easygoing, but he sounded a little strange.

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