Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 437

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Sending the email telling Julian off mistakenly to Mr. Crawford was Diana’s biggest regret.

After thinking about it, she replied curtly, [I don’t need your money. Please don’t contact me again. A
competent ex–husband should be as good as dead, not blathering on and on like this and laughing at
others when they’re in trouble!]

Julian was dumbfounded.

He really wasn’t laughing at her.

He sincerely wanted to help her.

But now, he was sure that Diana was indeed furious.

Because now, even through email…

His address was blocked.

The following morning, Diana first went to the studio to take stock of the still available fabric before
talking to the landlord once again.

But she was once again too naive.

The landlord, who had already gotten a sweet deal from Marvin, was unwilling to relent and didn’t
believe Diana’s words, insisting on the rent increase.

Once the rent was raised, the loss wasn’t just for this month, but would be an unjustified long–term
loss. It would force Diana to pay rent that was several times more than the other nearby merchants
each month.

After some thought, Diana decided she would no longer be easygoing and negotiate. Instead, she
sharpened her tone and straightened up, instantly becoming capable and powerful. Even her tone had
a hint of steel beneath it as she said, “Let me make it clear. I don’t agree with the rent increase. If you
insist on raising the rent, I’ll move out.”

The landlord’s face changed immediately, his nervousness clear.

During this conversation, Diana clearly had turned the tables and now had the upper hand as she
continued, “I know who was behind you and causing trouble for me. There’s no need to say who it was.
Has he promised you other benefits which you have yet to receive? But those promises will not be
honored. The odds are that he’s in a miserable situation right now.”

The documents Julian sent her about Marvin mentioned that his wife was like a tigress, and she was
responsible for his success. However, after a few short years, Marvin started to keep mistresses.

With his wife’s attitude, it was unlikely she would let him off easily.

It was a much better punishment than sending him to jail.

The landlord’s eyes widened. Obviously, her words had hit home.

“Is that true?”

“Of course,” Diana said, pulling out her phone. “Or you can try and see if you can reach him right now.”

When the landlord saw this, she knew Diana was telling the truth. Instantly, she deflated and said,
“Fine. Then tell me… How do you want to settle this?”

“I’ll let you increase the rent by double.”

When Diana said that, it was like a slap to the landlord’s face, but also a sweet deal.

The landlord had thought there was no hope for her to benefit this time, but Diana was still willing to
give her more money! Her expression instantly became better, and the smile on her face was infinitely
bright. She was clearly open to discussing more with Diana.

“But you have to sign an agreement,” Diana added. “For five years, you’re not allowed to increase the

Diana knew the rent in this area would increase sooner or later, and she had calculated all the rent
costs in the vicinity. Even if her rent was double right now, she wouldn’t be losing out if it stayed the
same for five years.

Of course, the landlord was willing.

After all, people who agreed to join forces with people like Marvin to screw over their tenants were
undeniably greedy.

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