Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 436

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“Diana,” Mr. Crawford sounded a little awkward from the other end. “I didn’t invest in your studio
because I didn’t think it a good fit after some consideration. It’s quite normal in business, right? There
was no need to curse me like that, was there?”

Diana was stunned. “You’re not going to invest?”

“Yes. I just sent you an email explaining my reasons,” the old man replied, still awkwardly. “But your
reply… Oh crap!

Diana hurriedly glanced at her email and blanched. “Sorry! I’m so sorry!”

She felt so guilty. “I didn’t mean to send you that! I replied to the wrong email… I’m so sorry! It’s okay if
you’re not investing.”

She held back the loss and disappointment washing over her, and hurried to assure the old man.
“Please don’t feel bad because of my email. I sent it by mistake.”

“Did you really send it by mistake?” the old man asked. “Or were you upset about it and were blinded
for a moment?”

“No!” Diana said. “You’ve also ordered a lot of clothes from me before. Do you think I’m such a petty

Mr. Crawford shook his head. “No, of course not.”

That’s why he called Diana immediately after receiving the email to clear things up.

“So, who was the email intended for?”

“Uh…” Diana was afraid that Mr. Crawford might misunderstand, so she replied honestly after a few
moments. “My ex–husband.”

At that, the old man didn’t press further and said, “Okay. Let’s keep in contact if there’s anything else
apart from the investment, okay?”

Diana nodded. “Of course. I was happy to be able to meet you the other day.”

Mr. Crawford smiled, the brilliance of an old fox in his eyes as he said, “I hope we’ll have many more
chances to meet in the future.”

Diana assumed he was only being polite. After all, even the relationship of being an investor and
working together hadn’t been established. Even if the older man ordered clothes from her, he didn’t
need to meet her in person to do so.

So, she didn’t take his words to heart and simply replied politely, “I hope so too.”

The two hung up amicably, but Diana felt increasingly sad and uneasy as she continued to think about
it. So far, all the channels she could turn to for investments had been cut off.

Although she had dealt with Marvin, the mess he caused for Diana hadn’t been resolved. The studio
still needed a large amount of funding to overcome this crisis.

Should she really talk to Fanny again?

Fanny had helped Diana a lot, but it was all because of Oliver. Diana couldn’t rely on them forever, or
she would lose confidence in herself.

But… What should she do about her studio?

Diana’s head throbbed painfully, and she slumped in her chair without moving for a long time.

Her computer kept chiming all the while, reminding her she had new emails.

A number of messages kept popping up, and she sighed and placed her chin on her hand before
clicking into it. As she had expected, it was all from Julian.

Now that he had been blocked in WhatsApp and everything else she could, he was using his email as

[Why aren’t you replying to me?]

[Are you crying?]

[Are you angry?]

[I know I didn’t do a good job regarding the incident with our babies, and I’m not good enough of a
husband for you, but you have to believe me this time. I’ll definitely help you with your love for Oliver! I’ll
be a competent ex–husband!]

The more she read, the more outrageous Julian seemed to become.

Why did he keep associating Oliver with her? Diana rolled her eyes as she continued to read.

There were several other emails in between that she didn’t bother clicking into, and she jumped straight
to the last one to open it.

[Be honest with me. Do you need me to pitch in or not?]

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