Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 435

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Diana did receive the clothes.

But now, she felt even more disgusted with Julian.

It turned out that the clothes hadn’t been sent wrongly by L’s staff.

It was Julian who had sent them on purpose, all to piss her off!

Diana looked at the clothes, and was sorely tempted to throw them out of the window. But on second
thought, she called the three girls from the reception who had yet to get off work to her room.

“Take three pieces each,” Diana said as she counted the clothes. “Take them all. Free of charge.”

She would wear her own red dress, and not the dresses that Julian gave her!

The girls were overjoyed, as if they had hit the jackpot.

“These are new products from L! We can’t even afford a single dress from there, even if we saved up
months of our salary!”

The girls covered their chests and gave Diana a disbelieving look.

“Are you sure you want to give it to us?”

Diana nodded firmly. “Yes.”

She moved to the side and let them enter her room to take the clothes that had been brought in not
long ago.

“Don’t leave a single one for me. Take them all.”

“Oh my god! All hail Miss Winnington!”

With that, Diana had made the girls extremely happy. She looked at their bright, smiling faces and
couldn’t help but feel the depression in her heart dissipate a little. Suddenly, she thought of something
and asked, ” Someone delivered some documents to me the day before yesterday. Do you know who it

It was the document pertaining to evidence against Marvin.

Diana now had a strong hunch that the person behind it was Julian.

Sure enough, one of the girls nodded and said, “It was Mr. Fulcher. He came the day before yesterday,
but he left quickly.”

It really was him!

Diana rolled her eyes. When the girls had left, she cracked her hands and typed away on the keyboard
to reply to the email.

[Do you have so much time on your hands that you have to cause trouble? Aren’t you afraid I’ll tell
Kayla and anger you both?]

Julian hadn’t had the chance to talk to Diana for a long time, and the only medium of communication
that she hadn’t blocked him was email. Now that he could talk to her, there was a glint of excitement in
his eyes.

[Then, aren’t you afraid that I’ll tell Oliver you’ve been meeting other men in clothes he bought for you

Diana was speechless at his retort.


[What?] Julian was unwilling to let go of this hard–won chance he had gotten to chat and was still
desperately sending emails at high speed to Diana.

[Don’t think I don’t know that although you call Oliver ‘darling‘ and always cling to him when I see you
two together, but in fact…]

Diana’s heart skipped a beat when she read this part.

Had Julian discovered that she was only using Oliver to avoid him, and that there was nothing going on
between them?

[But in fact, you still haven’t managed to snagged him.)

Diana was speechless at his next email.

Julian initially wanted to tell her that even though she couldn’t grab Oliver’s heart, she didn’t need to be
afraid as Julian would be willing to help her; she’d soon have Oliver for good.

When the words came to mind, however, annoyance gnawed at his heart. The memory of Diana calling
Oliver ‘darling‘ in front of the Winnington residence kept replaying in his mind, over and over again.


Julian felt really jealous.

It was to the point he couldn’t bring himself to say any words of blessing or assurance right now, even if
he would soon reach out to help her get together with Oliver in earnest,

Diana’s computer chimed again, indicating she had received a new email. She clicked on it. It was from
Julian again; he was practically using email as WhatsApp right now.

She pursed her lips and read through it.

[Since you like Oliver so much, you should properly stick to him. Why do you meet up with old geezers
every day? That greasy pig, Marvin, was even worse. If you need investment or money, come to me. I
have plenty of money.]

Diana was so angry at his words and immediately shot back, [Get lost! Who cares about your filthy

Right after, a call came from Mr. Crawford.

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