Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 432

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And yet, who had given Diana this document?

Diana stood on her tiptoes and looked out several times, but couldn’t see anyone nearby.

Was it Julian?

Diana shuddered at the thought.

How could that be? Perhaps. Madam Fulcher was helping her in secret. It couldn’t possibly be Julian,
her scumbag ex–husband who only had eyes for Kayla, as well as the man who sent her disinfectant
when he saw her being molested.

If it wasn’t Madam Fulcher, then she would only worry if Diana mentioned it to her.

Whoever sent her the documents, the person meant no harm and managed to get past the security in
the hospital. It shouldn’t be a bad person.

In that case, Diana would keep this matter a secret for now.

She was relieved to know that her current situation was not a result of her own mismanagement, but
rather someone’s deliberate mischief.

She opened the window and took a breath of fresh air, suddenly feeling like the fighting spirit in her had
been ignited.

Now, she felt more confident about contacting Mr. Crawford.

She should just do it!

It wasn’t too late, so Diana logged into her old account under the name D&J, found Mr. Crawford’s
information, and sent him a message.

[Are you sleeping?]

The reply came quickly.

[No. I’m thinking about my sweetheart.]

Diana couldn’t help but snort. Despite being an old man, Mr. Crawford always spoke in a witty and
romantic manner. She couldn’t resist asking, [Who’s your sweetheart?]

[The woman I can’t have,] Mr. Crawfowrd replied.

[You mean the woman you can’t have because of your age…?]

[Of course!] Mr. Crawford replied extremely quickly. [You’ve never seen her, so you don’t know how
magnificent she is. She’s kind and understanding, and she also has a rational and gentle personality…]

The next paragraph of words were filled with compliments.

Diana burst out laughing and found herself becoming teary–eyed. The last time she felt envy was when
she admired her grandparent’s love.

[That’s nice. Your sweetheart must be very happy if she knows that you miss her so much.]

This time, Mr. Crawford took a longer time to reply.

[No, she doesn’t like me. She didn’t like me when we were younger, and she still doesn’t like me now.
Her husband was better than me and died before me, so he became her unreachable love in her heart.
There’s no place for me in her heart.]

Diana didn’t expect Mr. Crawford to have such a history.

[So, you’ve loved her for many years without expecting anything in return?]

[I do expect something,] Mr. Crawford replied with a smug emoticon.

[What is it?]

[I only ask to be able to keep up with her and receive news about her. That’s enough to make me
happy,] Mr. Crawford replied.

At this point, Diana was curious about Mr. Crawford’s sweetheart. She wished to meet said sweetheart
once, at least to see what kind of woman would make a man like Mr. Crawford be captivated for life.

[Girl… Diana,] Mr. Crawford saw that she was slow to reply and asked, [Tell me why you were looking
for me. Is there something wrong?]

When she noted the tone of address, Diana couldn’t help but recall Madam Fulcher.

[How did you know my name?]

The dialog box on the other end showed that the man was typing, and it took a while before it was sent.

[Last time, the plaque you mentioned was for your father… He was from the Winnington family, wasn’t
he? Besides, he only has two daughters.]

Diana instantly replied, [Oh, I see. I thought you knew me in real life.]

Mr. Crawford didn’t answer her statement and simply said, [So tell me, what do you need my help with
this time?]

The process was as quick and smooth as it could be.

Having just gone through the encounter with Marvin, Diana had to think long and hard before replying,
[Do you have some time tomorrow? Could we meet?]

It was hard to tell what the person on the other side was thinking about just through texting.

She wanted investments, but she also needed to ensure that the person injecting the fund had a good
character so she could guarantee Fanny’s interest as the first investor.

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