Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 434

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“Mine?” Diana asked as she pointed to herself. She was a little stunned.

“It’s from L…?”

Diana was no longer the owner of L., even just in name. Why was she being given new products?

“Perhaps it’s a mistake,” Diana said as she fished out her phone to call the store manager about it.

But the receptionist was firm and said, “Miss Winnington, we’re almost about to get off work. Please
sign it. I’m sure these clothes are for you.”

Diana couldn’t bear to trouble the staff, so she said, “Please send it to my room, then.”

Just as she entered her room, she didn’t have time to turn on the lights or take off her shoes before a
chime from her computer announced that she had an email.

It was already so late. Who could it be?

Was it Mr. Crawford wanting to confirm the details of the investment?

During their meeting in person today, they chatted more than when they did online. Diana felt that the
woman in Mr. Crawford’s heart wasn’t a lie, as she could feel his sincerity every time he spoke.

Especially when he called her name. The look in his eyes was exactly the same as when Madam
Fulcher said it. The level of kindness and gentleness was hard to fake.

Only when they parted did Mr. Crawford mention that he needed to consider some of the investment
details, and that he would get back to her via email. He didn’t finalize anything on the spot.

Rather than disappointment, his words reassured Diana. She felt that he was serious about investing
and had no intention of playing tricks on her.

When she heard the email chime, she almost flew to her computer in her haste to check.

In the end…

The one who sent the email was Julian.

Why was he looking for her at this time?

Diana clicked on it, and the first thing that caught her eye was a picture of her and Mr. Crawford sitting
together, laughing and having tea.

Diana had already guessed that Julian had sent someone to keep watch on her, so she wasn’t
surprised to see the picture. She took off her shoes and sat down on the chair before slowly scrolling

Below the picture were some words in bold, [Does Oliver know you’re always wearing this red dress
out to meet other men, and even an old man? Will he be unhappy to know about this?]

Was he implying she was a fickle woman? That she was being unfaithful to Oliver?

But there was nothing going on between her and Oliver!

Also, Diana had paid for this dress. Besides, why did she have to tell anyone what she was wearing, or

she was meeting to make them happy?

What right does Julian have to ask her such a stupid question in such a condescending tone?!

As usual, this man was still so arrogant!

[Don’t wear this red dress in the future. You look really ugly in it.]

This sentence was followed by a picture of Diana’s face being doodled on, meant to give her graphic
proof of how ugly she was.

Diana was so angry when she saw the picture that she clenched her fists tightly. If Julian were before
her, she would’ve definitely punched him.

But that was not all that was in the email.

She held in her anger and continued scrolling downward.

His attitude had softened significantly as the font had reverted to normal.

[Wear the dresses I picked for you. They’re from L, and they’re in the style you like.)

She didn’t like it… She never did. Not a single bit!

She hadn’t wanted to wear dresses from L ever since Kayla bought that dress with Julian, okay?!

Was this man doing it intentionally?!

Why does it feel like he won’t stop until he infuriates her to death?!

But… She sensed that something was off.

She quickly replied to the email, [Did you buy those clothes?]

[Yes,] Julian replied almost instantly with a smug tone. [Didn’t you receive them? The store manager
personally delivered them.]

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