Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 431

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Julian wanted to hear things like Kayla asking for forgiveness even less!

Because only Diana had the right to decide to forgive her or not!

His serious and chilling look shocked Kayla.

“J–Julian… I–I won’t talk about it anymore, okay? Don’t be angry. Actually, I was just confused recently.
I know I was wrong, I…”


Julian kept the materials in his hand and said, “Keep it up and stop having any bad intentions toward
Diana. Otherwise, I’ll deal with you permanently next time.”

Obviously, Kayla still remembered what had happened to Luke.

She also knew how much the Pabian family suffered as a result.

Yet she didn’t think Julian, who had already taken away her fertility, would still think badly of her…

She was extremely lucky today, too!

Even today, when she took the initiative to show her goodwill toward Diana, he was still reprimanding
her and telling her not to have any bad intentions toward Diana.


Kayla gritted her teeth and hung her head down, looking at the ground with reddened eyes. She
blinked rapidly as she fixed her gaze on her ankle, trying to stop the tears from flowing out. She vowed

silently in her mind that one day, she would make it so Julian would be on his knees and begging her!

She would make him say he loved her! She would make sure he treated Diana a hundred times worse
than how he treated Kayla today!

When she looked up, none of these thoughts showed on her face. She only smiled and said, “Okay,
Julian. Don’t worry. From now on, I’ll be good to Diana and try to make up for my mistake.”

In the end, Kayla shouldn’t have bothered about this incident with Marvin. It had all just been a waste of

Julian had been in the business world for many years, and he knew when to reward or punish others.

“You did well this time.”

Obviously, his attitude toward Kayla had improved.

Kayla nodded. “Thanks, Julian.”

Julian had a better impression of her after seeing her obedient response. “Keep it up.”

Kayla nodded again. “Okay!”

At least it seemed Julian wasn’t completely repulsed by her now, and that was a good turn of events.

When Diana returned home, she took a hot bath to relax. However, the image of Kayla smiling at Julian
kept popping in her mind.

When Julian turned around, it was obvious there was also a bright smile on his face.

If the two were meeting for a date, why had they agreed to meet before the tea house that she had to
go for business?

And that disinfectant…

The more Diana thought about it, the angrier she felt. She wished the water in her bathtub was Julian’s
face so she could beat it up as much as possible!

As she splashed the water violently with her hands, she heard the doorbell ringing in the distance.

It was already so late in the night. Who would come to the hospital to look for her?

Also, the security here was active twenty–four hours a day, so there was no need to worry about her
safety. Had her nutritionist come to deliver her meal?

But at this hour, that was unlikely.

Diana wrapped her towel around herself and walked to the door, wondering who it was.

But, as a result…

There was no one at the door.

Instead, there was a document wrapped in brown paper.

Diana bent down to pick it up, finding that it contained all the evidence of Marvin’s attempt at
manipulating her.

This would be enough to thoroughly ruin his reputation, even if she couldn’t send him to jail.

However, that was only on the assumption that she could confront Marvin. After the setback she had
experienced, Diana had the self–awareness not to act recklessly before she established herself in
Richburgh under the name “B“.

So… She immediately gave this file to Marvin’s wife. Perhaps it would be better for women to deal with
their men’s misconduct.

With this, the crisis Marvin caused was resolved, and Diana no longer needed to worry about the
consequences of not going to the hotel the following day.

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