Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 429

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Diana didn’t want to involve her past, and she was even less willing to do anything in the name of D&J.
Alas, there was nothing else she could think of.

She couldn’t contact any good investors, and those she could were trash like Marvin. If she continued
to deal with people like him, forget losing her money; she would also endanger herself in the process.

After considering all her options, it seemed talking to Mr. Crawford was the only way to go.

But… What was she to say to him? She still needed time to consider it properly.

After Diana finally calmed down, she flung the room card into the trash before leaving the private room
and heading straight for the restroom.

When she exited the restroom, she only took a couple of steps into the lobby before the receptionist
called out to her. “Miss Winnington?”

Diana froze and turned to look at her. “Yes?”

The girl rushed forward and placed a bottle of disinfectant in her hand.

“You’ve been asked to disinfect before you leave.”

Diana was stunned. “What?”

The receptionist smiled awkwardly and said, “Um, yes… A gentleman instructed me to do it.”

Which part of her needed to be disinfected?!

Diana rolled her eyes. “Who was it?”

The receptionist stammered, not knowing how to reply, and only said, “A very good–looking

A good–looking but very entitled gentleman, the receptionist thought inwardly. She hadn’t even gotten
his name!

Diana was reminded of Julian by that description, and instantly got angry.

“Where is he?!”

She wanted to ask him what the hell was he doing, spying on her everyday like she was some monkey
he was keeping an eye on?

Also, telling her to disinfect herself? Was he calling her filthy?!

She was only trying her best to survive in this world. She didn’t sell herself or indulge in any

What right did he have?

Who was he to say that about her?!

“H–He left…” the receptionist replied, pointing to the empty space outside the door. “He delivered this
and immediately left.”

Diana was astonished at her reply, and rushed out.

Upon reaching the door, she discovered the man the receptionist spoke of was indeed Julian.

He seemed to have nothing to do other than bother her all day long. Even if they were no longer

there was no need for him to act this way!

Diana was furious. She stormed toward him, intending to give him a piece of her mind by spraying him

the disinfectant.

That would teach him a lesson in who needed to be disinfected!

But before she could spray him with the disinfectant in her hand, she saw Kayla appear before Julian
with a smile on her face from a distance.

Diana’s heart skipped a beat. There was a disgusting taste in her mouth, as if she had swallowed flies,
and she quickly stopped in her tracks.

As Julian’s back was facing Diana, she couldn’t see his expression.

But looking at Kayla’s expression, it seemed they had a good relationship.

How utterly disgusting.

Diana’s brows furrowed deeply when she looked at them, and she was increasingly sure she hadn’t
made the wrong choice by divorcing Julian. Seeing the woman who once hurt their children so proudly
spending a happy time with their father, Diana felt sick to her stomach.

Of course, she was also angry.

She was angry at Julian for the way he treated Kayla.

She was angry at him for doing nothing in the aftermath of the death of their babies.

She was angry…

Of his unfailing love for Kayla.

The bottle of disinfectant slipped out of her hand and landed loudly on the floor.

Julian heard the sound and immediately turned around with a smile on his lips, thinking that Diana had
chased after him.

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