Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 426

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When Noel told Julian what happened, Julian grew furious.

“Why the hell did you bring up my name to help her? Who told you to say we needed to help her

Noel knew he had done it wrongly. “Then, you don’t want Madam to know it was you…?”

“Obviously!” Julian couldn’t help but roll his eyes. “You’re not usually such a blockhead. Why are you so
stupid when it comes to matters like this?”

Julian was seething with rage. “Now, Diana might think I’m making fun of her!”

“You’re right,” Noel admitted sincerely. “Madam did say that…”

“…Noel,” Julian hissed through gritted teeth, a bitter feeling behind his throat. “You’re really something

Noel finally realized that he had completely screwed up, and went pale.

“S–So… What should we do now to help her?”

Julian was also out of ideas. He was afraid that if he did anything wrong, it would only lead to Diana
becoming increasingly disgusted with him.

“Forget it,” Julian said after thinking for a while. “I’ll contact her myself.”

Unexpectedly, her phone line was always busy when he called. He logged into WhatsApp and sent her
a message, only to get a scarlet exclamation that indicated the message couldn’t be sent.

Damn that woman!

She had blocked him again!

Julian’s face was as black as the bottom of a burnt pot. He pulled on his coat, and went directly to
Diana’s studio in the CBD.

It was his first time there. From afar, he could see Diana was busy and frazzled through the large

He didn’t know who she was talking to, but she looked angry. Soon, she answered another phone call
and instantly smiled as brightly as the sun.

A few minutes later, she exited the building.

She was wearing…the red dress that Oliver had picked out for her before.

In the midst of the autumn season, her slender and long legs were particularly eye–catching. Her skin
was as white as snow, and her lips were plump and redder than usual. She looked very different from
the usual, as she usually dressed more conservatively.

If she used to look like a beautiful and elegant woman, today she looked like a fairy that could capture
one’s soul.

Julian’s eyes widened slightly in shock. For a moment, he was sorely tempted to pull her into his arms
and hide her from the world.

Fortunately, his rational mind held him back.

He couldn’t do that.

Diana would get angry.

Julian desperately tried to control his possessiveness and waited for Diana to leave, before driving
quietly after her.

When she got out of the car, she had a black coat over her dress, and her long hair was pinned up high
with a bronze hairpin, which was shining with a metallic luster. The effect made her face look more

Every step she took made it as if her hips swayed with the wind, catching Julian’s eyes.

Julian felt his breath stop as he watched her. Only after Diana entered a tea house that he finally got
out of his car to follow her slowly.

The tea house she entered was the most elegant one in Richburgh. It was a place mostly used for
business discussions, so there were plenty of private rooms. The lobby was generally not crowded.

When Julian arrived, he couldn’t see Diana anymore. He walked to the front desk to inquire about her
private room number. He looked cold and aloof with both hands in his pockets, like a god who shouldn’t
be at this lowly mortal plane.

The receptionist looked straight at him.

The man before her wore a custom–made Armani suit and a pair of Italian handmade leather shoes.
An air of nobility oozed out of him and in every gesture he made. Moreover, the blue sapphire cufflinks
on his sleeves were large enough to catch anyone’s eye.

Everything about him was extraordinary, and the receptionist could barely string words to make a
sentence as she stammered, “H–Hello, sir…”

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