Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 423

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After Oliver mentioned this, Diana also sensed that something was wrong.

“Yes,” she replied as she finished disinfecting his wound. She added seriously, “You were dressed in
somewhat formal attire and sitting in a car when you gave me the sweet potatoes.”

At that time, cars were rarely seen in the countryside.

Even though Diana didn’t have a deep impression of Oliver when they were children, she could vividly.
remember the black car.

“The boy I saved was also dressed quite well,” Diana continued..

She had a keen sense when it came to fabrics since she was a child, and the delicate feel of the
material still remained in her memory.

“So… Do you know who it was?” Diana couldn’t help but ask, since Oliver kept bringing up this topic.

“No,” Oliver replied with a smile. “But I can guess that he should also be from Richburgh, and comes
from a wealthy family like me.”

“Why would you think that?”

“Back then, it wasn’t by chance that we were in the countryside. Master Fulcher had been the one to
propose a group activity for the heirs. Those who could participate were either from wealthy or noble
families,” Oliver explained. “I’ve always felt that the boy you saved could’ve been one of the heirs, but
I’m unsure which family he came from.”

Diana nodded. “Actually, it doesn’t really matter who it was. It’s something that happened so long ago. I
only thought it was quite amazing since you mentioned it.”

She hadn’t expected to have crossed paths with Oliver when they were children.

“Aren’t you curious if the boy you saved survived?”

Diana pondered for a moment before agreeing. “Well, I am a little curious…”

Still, it wasn’t something she was fixated on.

“It’s fine,” Oliver said, seemingly grateful that he had finally found something he could do for her. “I’ll
find out for you.”

Diana was stunned. “That’s okay. You’re already so busy every day. It’s not worth hanging onto
something so small. Besides, the boy left the cave on his own, so he must’ve been alive and well
enough to do so.”

“If he was well enough to leave, that meant he was conscious, right?” Oliver asked. “Then, why didn’t
he stay to thank you?”

“I don’t know…” Diana said. “Perhaps he was in a hurry to leave.”

Deep inside, she did think that the boy had been a little ungrateful.

“I’ll look into it and find out who the boy was,” Oliver said with an eager glint in his eyes. “I’ll contact you
if 1 find anything.”

Diana finally understood. Oliver’s interest in investigating the identity of the boy she saved was a
secondary goal. His main goal was to have an excuse to contact her.

But… What had she done to deserve such attention?

Diana studied Oliver’s radiant eyes. She sighed uncomfortably when his wounds caught her eyes
again, and swallowed the words of refusal on her tongue.

Just as Oliver had said, she could refuse him once his wounds were healed.

But before that could happen, Diana’s studio faced a crisis.

Although her studio was small, it was still located in the heart of the CBD. As such, the renovation and
venue cost a lot of money.

She stocked up on a lot of high–grade fabrics at the start of the business in order to please her
customers after her studio’s opening, which took up even more money.

The that Fanny gave her at the beginning wasn’t enough, so she transferred more later.

By the time Diana’s business officially opened, very little money was left.

Recently, however, not only did the landlord tripled the rent, but the stockpiled fabric had also become
moldy due to the weather.

The rent increase was absurd. Forget the dry weather in the north, it was even more outrageous for the
fabric to grow mold in such a short time!

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