Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 424

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Unfortunately, Diana didn’t have time to investigate the obvious foul play in this odd situation. Customer
orders had been placed, and she had to ensure that the clothes were shipped out as scheduled to
maintain the integrity of her business.

In recent days, Diana grew increasingly busy.

On one hand, she contacted the landlord to inquire if the rent could be reduced. On the other hand, she
contacted her fabric supplier to find a substitute for the moldy fabric. Apart from that, she was also hard
at work raising funds.

She didn’t want to ask Fanny for further help or let Oliver know about her problems; she wanted to
avoid the increasing amount of favors she owed them.

However, it wasn’t easy to handle all three problems simultaneously.

“Miss Winnington,” the landlord said as he stood before her with raised brows. “If you can’t agree to the
rent increase, I’m willing to compensate you the entire amount for the penalty of the breach of contract.
You just need to move out in a week.”

“A week?!”

Diana had been working so hard to prepare for the opening, and she had even promoted her business
using the same address. If she suddenly moved to another place, it would make her look like a joke to
her current target customer group. More importantly, he was only giving her a week to move. It was

At this rate, her studio’s reputation was going to be thoroughly ruined.

“Yes,” the landlord replied with a nod, giving her a sideways glance. “If you don’t want to move, then
you have to agree to the rent increase. There’s no other way.”

Diana had talked to him several times, but no matter what she said to him, she seemed to be left with
only these two options.

She could sense someone pushing her into a corner from behind the scenes, purposefully making it so
that she wouldn’t be able to run her studio smoothly.

Yet, Diana was determined not to give up.

In the end, she agreed to the rent increase. Alas, it was only a momentary reprieve. Once she settled
the fabric and money issues, she vowed to uncover the culprit who forced her into a corner through the

Perhaps, the same person also ruined her fabrics!

The funding, on the other hand…

Without Fanny and Oliver’s help, much less the shares Madam Fulcher gave her, Diana didn’t know
who else she could call to help make up the missing funds.

Also, without money, there was no way she could buy new fabric; subsequently, without that, there was
no way she could meet her deadlines.

For the first time, she experienced anxiety and urgency. She feared all the effort she had put into her
business would go down the drain and that she would disappoint Fanny, who trusted her so much.

Diana was in a dilemma.

By the time Julian got wind of her problems, it was already the following afternoon.

“Sir, should we step in and help?”

Julian thought for a moment as a glint of pleasure flashed in his eyes. “Has she gone to Oliver for

“No,” Noel said, shaking his head. “So far, Madam has been attempting to work things out on her own.”

Julian lowered his head as if he was thinking about something, but he couldn’t hide the growing smile
on his lips.

“Noel, why do you think she hasn’t gone to Oliver for help if she likes him so much?”

It was a difficult answer, and Noel thought for a long time before answering, “Perhaps she’s afraid of
being a burden to Dr. Channing?”

Julian’s face instantly fell; the smile on his lips vanished as he gave Noel a blank look.

It looked like a devil himself had come for Noel, and he couldn’t help but quake in fear. He thought for a
little longer before trying again anxiously, “Maybe… She thinks Dr. Channing’s abilities are limited, and
he won’t be able to help her at all?”

This answer was clearly more satisfactory than the previous once, as Julian’s face visibly brightened.

“If he can’t help her, then I’ll do it,” Julian said smugly.

At that, Noel inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.

“What about giving Dr. Channing to ma’am?” Noel asked.

“We’ll wait a little longer about that,” Julian replied as his slender fingers tapped against the desk.
“First, help her get over this hurdle.”

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