Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 422

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Noel couldn’t bear to see such a despondent side to Julian, so he slowly retreated out of the room after
he had called for his staff to clean up the mess.

However, he was also deeply worried.

While he had done many things for Julian over the years, he had never done any matchmaking

But if that was what Julian had ordered him to do, he was willing to study it and be the best. In the end,
he came up with a plan that, although crude, was probably the most effective and efficient way.


To be on the safe side, Noel decided to give Julian a chance to back out by explaining the entire plan to
him. After briefly going over it, Noel asked, “Do you think this is feasible, sir?”

Julian felt a little uneasy, but upon thinking about how Diana had panicked over Oliver’s injuries, was
willing to wear a red dress for him and even wore his coat, he still nodded in agreement for Noel to
proceed with the plan; albeit quite reluctantly.

“Go ahead.”

As long as the result would satisfy and please Diana, Julian had no reservations.

He would do anything for her!

Oliver’s injuries weren’t serious, being merely surface scratches. He had a medical kit in his car, so
Diana helped him apply medicine.

“Let me know if it hurts.”

Oliver laughed at her cautious movements, and the warmth in his voice felt like the rays of the sun.

“I’m not that fragile.”

Diana smiled as she picked up the cotton swab and dipped it in alcohol.

“Really? I applied medicine for Julian once, and he’d say the exact same thing,” Diana said as she
mimicked the man’s tone and repeated what Oliver had said a few moments ago. “But in the end, he…”

Julian would always stare at her with eyes filled with affection and frustration.

“Hug me.”

Who would’ve thought that a cold–blood demon like Julian would also have times when he liked to act

Seeing her expression, the sorrow in Oliver’s eyes increased.

“About that thing, I mentioned last time…”

“Which one?”

“My confession.”

Although Oliver hadn’t explicitly said the words “I like you“, his meaning was still the same and was
exactly what Diana had guessed it to be. However, she hadn’t expected him to bring it up again.

“Ah…” Diana lowered her head, suddenly feeling uneasy. “Actually, I-”

“Don’t give me an answer too quickly now,” Oliver said, interrupting her. “I hope you can delay your
answer and tell me a little later.”

“What? Why?”

“No need for so many questions,” Oliver said. It was as if he already knew her answer, but wanted to
delay it in hopes that it would change eventually.

“Let’s make a deal. In return for my injuries, tell me your answer when some time has passed, okay?”

“But…” Diana felt that delaying the inevitable was ultimately pointless.

“Just consider it as giving me a little more time to show you what I can offer.”

Diana had lived with Julian for three years; he was a demon among men and a god among women, so
it wouldn’t be easy for Diana to forget him so quickly.

Oliver didn’t expect her to, either.

He simply wanted a small chance and some time, and that was good enough.

Diana didn’t really want to delay her answer, but Oliver’s gaze was so sincere that she would feel like a
criminal if she disagreed right now.

The least she could do was not refuse him today, especially when he had already gotten injured
because of her.

“Alright,” Diana said with a nod. Then, she continued to treat his wounds.

Oliver breathed a sigh of relief, but he noticed she seemed to be lost in thought again. Knowing she
might be thinking about Julian, his heart grew uneasy and he tried to divert her thoughts.

“The little boy you saved as a child, did you ever think about finding his whereabouts?”

Diana was stunned. “No…”

Back then, Diana had helped the little boy stay warm all night and also found a way to bring down his
fever. When she returned the following day, however, he was gone.

It wasn’t like she hadn’t been disappointed, but she also understood that the little boy had most likely
survived and left the cave on his own.

“Did it ever occur to you that it was a little strange how you met a little boy who was all alone in the
countryside so far from Richburgh, and that he wasn’t even local to that area? Also, you even met me,
heir of the Channing family. Wasn’t that odd?”

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