Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 421

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After Julian returned home, he flew into a rage and smashed almost all the vases, antiques, and any
other visible cutlery in the villa.

Every item around the villa…had traces of Diana in them.

They were filled with memories of their time together.

Noel stood at the side, listening to the crashing of glassware. He wanted to say something to stop
Julian, but he didn’t know where to start. He could only watch as Julian continued to smash everything
in sight, at the same time anxiously calculating all the prices in his mind.

In the end, the price reached an amount that made him want to shed bitter tears.

When Julian raised the last plate in sight, Noel couldn’t take it anymore and exclaimed, “Sir! That’s
ma’am’s favorite china from her jade collection! It was the first gift you bought at an auction for her!

Noel wasn’t able to finish his sentence, as Julian’s emotions visibly stabilized.

Her favorite… Diana’s favorite…

He used to be her favorite too. Yet now, she had fallen in love with someone else and had a brand new

An overwhelming wave of sadness washed over him, and Julian suddenly felt that everything was
pointless. In the end, the plate slipped from his hand and fell to the ground, shattering into thousands of
pieces…just like his heart.

“Noel,” Julian began, walking out of the disaster zone behind him with an indifferent look. “I need you to
do something.”

“What is it?”

“Give Oliver to Diana.”

Noel was bewildered. Had he misheard the man?

Did Julian just ask Noel to help his love rival?!

Despite Noel’s confusion, Julian was dead serious. He even repeated and emphasized his words. “I
saw everything. She likes him, but Oliver doesn’t seem as in love with Diana as I thought.”

When the car had brushed past them, Julian’s heart had leaped to his throat. He wished so badly that
he could throw the car to the sky, but when Oliver reached out, he had only pulled Diana to the
sidewalk and did nothing else.

He hadn’t hugged her, or even tried to hold the car owner responsible and chase them down.

At such a frightening moment, shouldn’t the first thing Oliver do is to hug her tightly?

She was so timid, and she loved being held as she loved the feeling of security it provided.

Yet, Oliver knew nothing about that.

He also foolishly waited for Diana to worry and fuss about his injuries. Julian’s eyes were practically
blazing with anger when he watched the scene unfold before him.

“They’re progressing too slowly.”

Having observed them for a while, Julian was sure that Diana had fallen in love with Oliver. However,
Oliver was too dense; as a result, there was no progress even after so long.

To make Diana happy, Julian decided that he should help them out.

“Go and speed things up between them,” Julian ordered.

Noel was stunned by Julian’s line of thought. After a while, he asked hesitantly, “Sir… Are you sure?
Why not consider it a little more?”

Julian turned his sharp gaze on Noel, a dangerous gleam flashing in his eyes.

“I don’t need your advice on matters of the heart,” Julian snapped.

The last time he sought guidance from Noel, he was led astray; the whole thing caused him to take a
long detour before he finally confirmed his true feelings for Diana.

This time, he would trust only his own judgment.

Noel was also aware that he had no experience in this area, so he asked tentatively once more, “What
do you need me to do, sir?”

“Anything goes,” Julian replied.

He looked like an old father deeply worried for his child. There was clear reluctance in the father’s
words and actions, but he still endured the pain and carefully planned for the child’s future.

“As long as it can help them express their feelings better and help Diana achieve her wish sooner, you
can do whatever you think is right.”

Noel nodded and accepted the order. Again, he asked cautiously, “Anything goes?”

“Yes,” Julian said with a sharp nod, obviously no longer willing to talk about it anymore.

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