Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 420

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Things with Oliver had been a little awkward lately, so wouldn’t it be better to call Fanny?

Anyway, Fanny was Diana’s investor now. If anything happened to her, Fanny’s money would be


Diana ended up calling Fanny and explained her situation briefly. Still, she didn’t expect the latter’s
response to be so quick. There wasn’t even a trace of doubt, and Fanny immediately asked for Diana’s

“I’ll send someone over.”

Diana didn’t think too much about it and checked her location on her phone before replying, “33,
Hawkins. Road.”

“Got it. I have a shoot now, so I’ll be hanging up.”

Even though Fanny had been brief and to the point, it lifted the burden on Diana’s shoulders. She
quickly asked the driver to stop by the side of the road, and quietly waited for the person Fanny had
arranged to come.

She never expected it to be Oliver.

From a distance, she saw the figure of Oliver in a white lab coat approaching her.

Diana was stunned. “Why are you here?”

For half a month, she had been busy with studio work and had avoided contact with him. She was
surprised to see the person Fanny had sent was him.

The sweat on Oliver’s forehead was obvious. When he heard Diana’s words, disappointment flashed in
his eyes for a brief moment before it was gone as he said, “You don’t want to see me?”

“No, that’s not it!” Diana said, shaking her head hurriedly.

She just…

Hadn’t figured out how to reject him yet.

“It’s cold,” Oliver said, looking up at the sky as if he hadn’t seen her hesitation. He handed her the
jacket in his hand. “Put this on.”

It was a men’s long jacket, and it was black in color. When Diana put it on, it immediately wrapped her
petite figure firmly, only revealing her bright, stunning, dainty face; the ensemble served to make her
look more charming, more than her usual attire.

There were already many scrutinizing gazes around them.

Oliver looked nervous. “You’ve been in the limelight lately, and it can’t be helped that there are a lot of
eyes on you.”

He reached out and gently tugged Diana’s wrist, taking her toward his parked car. “If you have a bad
feeling again, make sure to call promptly like you did today, okay?”

“Maybe…” Diana lowered her head in embarrassment, not quite moving along with him. “Maybe I was
just being paranoid. They’re all looking at your white lab coat and this black jacket on me…”

It was only then that Oliver realized that there was something wrong with what he was wearing.


He hurriedly removed his coat and explained, “I was on a house call just now. I received a patient who
had a car accident, and some of the blood got on my clothes.”

After that, he heard from Fanny that Diana might be in danger and rushed over without much thought.

He didn’t even have the time to change his clothes.

His rational mind only returned when he finally saw that Diana was safe and sound.

After he finished speaking, his gaze fell back on Diana, and he finally realized how stunningly beautiful
she looked in the black coat.

Her complexion was like snow, and her fingers looked like they were practically glowing in the night.
Her whole person was covered with the black coat, which easily aroused one’s desire to protect her.

“It was an oversight on my part,” Oliver said apologetically.

Diana was embarrassed by how much Oliver was apologizing.

“You didn’t do anything wrong. I was the one who disturbed you while you were working.”

“I handed everything over properly,” Oliver assured her. He wasn’t someone without professional
ethics, after all.

Even if time were of the essence, he would quickly arrange his work and schedule so as not to affect a
single patient under his care.

Oliver glanced at the ogling eyes around them and sincerely complimented Diana, “But it’s no surprise
that you’re charming enough to draw the gaze of almost everyone around you.” it seemed they were

approaching dubious topics again.

Diana didn’t like the ambiguity, so she spoke up decisively, “Oliver…”

But then, she hesitated again.

“Yeah?” Oliver responded. “Go ahead.”

Just as Diana was about to reject him formally and clear up the air between them, a car came right at

“Watch out!” Oliver exclaimed as he yanked Diana protectively toward the sidewalk.

Diana was safe, but Oliver suffered a slight graze.

She anxious upon seeing that he was injured. grew anxious

“Let me see your injury!”

She fussed over Oliver in the men’s coat she was wearing, anxiously circling around him.

Just then, the same feeling of being watched suddenly became known again. It had a strangely
penetrating power; a gaze that could see through someone all the way, and it made Diana’s heart jump
wildly in her chest.

She was so spooked, she stopped checking Oliver’s injuries and frantically glanced around to find the
source of that feeling.

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