Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 419

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Soon, Diana’s soft voice rang out.

“I don’t want to see him.”

It was as Julian had expected, but it didn’t stop the irrepressible throbbing in his heart when he heard
her confirmation. With those words, he stepped back further. He threaded lightly like a thief sneaking
around, afraid the people in the room would see him.

“Then, don’t worry.”

There was a flash of disappointment in Madam Fulcher’s eyes, but she put the phone away. “I’ll give
them the order. From now on, as long as you’re here, Julian’s not allowed to come in. With this, you
can stop worrying and eat in peace. Will you also visit me more?”

Diana felt a little ashamed at Madam Fulcher’s words and quickly assured her, “I’ll definitely come to
see you more often. But, not letting Julian in while I’m here seems a little too much…”

After all, Julian was Madam Fulcher’s grandson. There was no reason for Diana to get in the way of the
man carrying out his filial duty of visiting his grandmother.

“What does it matter? As long as you’re happy, I’m willing to do anything,” Madam Fulcher said with a
sigh. With regret in her tone, she continued, “Things have come to this point, and he reaped what he
sowed for insisting on being with Kayla.”

And the two babies…

Madam Fulcher was heartbroken just thinking about it.

“Don’t worry,” she said after a while. “So long you don’t yield, I won’t ever let the two of you have a
chance to meet in my mansion.”

Outside the door, Julian stood with his head hung low. His long eyelashes dropped, casting shadows
beneath his eyes and hiding the disappointment in his expression.

However, he couldn’t make himself leave. He wanted to see Diana just a little longer.

Just a bit more.

Julian’s gaze was direct and burning.

While sitting in the living room, Diana could feel that someone had their eye on her the whole time.
However, she didn’t look around again because Madam Fulcher was by her side.

However, the feeling of being watched never disappeared.

It wasn’t until after dinner when Diana had finished taking Madam Fulcher’s measurements, that she
finally looked up in the direction of the door.

Yet, there was nothing there.

Perhaps she had been overthinking it.

In such a safe place as Madam Fulcher’s mansion, who would dare stare at her for so long?

Diana sighed in relief. As she was about to help Madam Fulcher upstairs, she saw a black shirt peeking
out from the corner of the door.

The material was sleek and flowing, and the figure wearing it was thin; yet, there was an unmatched
intimidating air around him.

The only person who commanded such a powerful aura like that could only be Julian.

But when Diana stopped to look again, there was nothing there.

“What’s wrong?” Madam Fulcher asked worriedly when she saw Diana standing still.

“…It’s nothing,” Diana said. She looked over a few more times, and still saw nothing. “Perhaps I saw it


But… Was she pining for Julian so much to the point she imagined his figure…?

A heavy sense of exasperation welled up in her heart when she thought that. She clenched her fist
tightly, her nails digging into her palm. Then, she gathered herself and continued helping Madam
Fulcher up the stairs.

Seeing her leave, Julian let out a breath of relief and got out of his hiding spot in the flower bed. He
didn’t care and persistently followed Diana, even with dead leaves and branches all over him.

He only turned away from her when she disappeared upstairs. Then, he slowly left the old mansion and

into his car.

As for Diana, the feeling of being watched still hadn’t faded.

After she helped Madam Fulcher into her room and got into the cab, she could still feel like someone
was watching her.

The last time she had a bad feeling like this was when Luke kidnapped her.

What if this time…something similar happened…?

She first tried calling Nina, but there was no answer. Nina was probably on an assignment, so Diana
hurriedly hung up and didn’t dare continue to call her friend.

But apart from Nina, the only people she knew in Richburgh were Julian, Fanny, and Oliver.

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