Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 418

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In reality, Diana no longer smiled at Julian anymore.

It was his own fault. He shouldn’t have brought up divorce in the first place.

But now, it was too late to say anything.

Noel didn’t dare to move again. He stood still as he silently waited for Julian’s next order.

Julian glanced at him and said, “Continue keeping an eye on Diana.”

“But recently…” Noel started hesitantly but stopped.

Because of what his father had done, he also bore a lot of guilt toward Diana. Still, that guilt was
nothing compared to his loyalty for Julian.

“What is it?”

“There’s a very important acquisition that we need to follow up on in a timely manner,” Noel explained.
“If we put in too much effort on Mrs. Fulcher and make even the slightest mistake on this acquisition,
the losses will not just be a few hundred million. It’s likely that Fulcher Inc.’s reputation will also go
down the drain.”

Julian understood Noel’s implications.

“Don’t you trust in my capabilities?”

Noel immediately shook his head. “That’s not what I meant.”

Noel looked at the photos, and hesitated.

“If you can’t forget ma’am, it’s possible to win her back.”

“Win her back?” Julian snorted. “You think too highly of me.”

After all, Diana was already in love with someone else.

Noel saw how despondent Julian looked. “But sir…”

“But nothing,” Julian cut him off. “Do as I say and report back to me if anything happens to her.”

He paused momentarily before adding, “Ensure that not a single photo of what happened in SK Mall
gets out.

He didn’t want anyone else to see Diana in that red dress.

“Also,” Julian said again. “Remember to clean up the aftermath. She might get upset again if she knew
I was involved.”

“Then, the credit…?”

“Put it on Oliver.”

With Fanny’s commitment to invest, Diana’s studio progressed quickly.

For almost half a month, Diana thought of nothing but devoting herself to the preparations to open her

By the end of the month, the weather had grown colder and everyone had switched from thin jackets to
thick cashmere coats.

It was also the time Diana’s studio opened.

To Diana’s delight and surprise, Fanny announced the opening on her Twitter account.

She also wore the latest designs that Diana had made for her, which led to a large influx of orders for
Diana’s studio almost immediately after she opened.

However, Diana was the only designer in her studio. Thus, she still followed her original process of only
taking orders from people she was familiar with.

The first order…

Was Madam Fulcher’s.

On the same day Diana received the order, she went to visit Madam Fulcher at the old mansion.

“I’ve been so busy lately,” Diana said apologetically. “I didn’t even have time to have dinner with you.”

“It’s alright,” Madam Fulcher said warmly. More than being busy, she was aware that Diana was still
avoiding Julian and everything related to him. “I’m glad you came.”

They chatted for a bit, and Madam Fulcher asked about the running of the studio. “Are you tired from

“I’m okay.”

When Diana looked up and saw Madam Fulcher’s concerned eyes, she changed her answer. She
slowly leaned against the older woman like a child wanting to be pampered and said, “Actually, I’m a
little tired. But compared to my life before, I’m very satisfied.”

The main thing was that when she was so busy, she didn’t miss her babies too much or think about
Julian as often.

Madam Fulcher stroked her head. “That’s good. But if you get particularly tired one day and don’t want
to do it anymore, you can always use those shares, understand?”

Diana nodded. “I got it, Grandma.”

It would be great if Madam Fulcher was her real grandmother. But with Julian in the middle, Diana was
always a little afraid whenever she visited the old mansion.

She couldn’t help but look around for fear that he would make a sudden appearance.

Seeing this, Madam Fulcher pulled out her phone. She pulled out Julian’s number and placed it before
Diana, giving her a kind look before saying, “Do you want to see him, or do you not want to?”

Hearing these words, Julian, who had just been about to enter through the door, froze. He spotted
Diana sitting in the living room.

He had come over today without informing Madam Fulcher, but hadn’t expected to run into Diana.

Fearing she would discover his presence, he turned sharply and hid in the shadows.

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