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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 414

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 414

“I’m sorry,” Julian repeated.

He looked at Diana’s wrist, which he had grabbed; it was gradually turning red, and he slowly released
her. He looked

like he wanted to say something else, but in the end, he couldn’t utter a word.

He felt as if something had been shoved down his throat, hard; he wanted to retch to the point of
throwing up.

There was nothing he could do but endure the pain. He used all his strength to exit the mall.

‘Aster, Star… It seems your daddy has really lost your mommy…”

Once Julian left, the people present in the store finally reacted.

“Someone hit Mr. Fulcher!”

“What? That man was Julian Fulcher?!”

“Oh my god! Who’s that woman?”

“She’s beautiful! Women in red are gorgeous! It’s no wonder Julian fell in love with her! I’d fall for

her at a glance too!”

The chatter around them got louder. Fanny was experienced with matters like this, so she quickly
pulled a

jacket from a nearby hanger and put it on Diana.

“Come on. I’ll get you out of here.”

Oliver would deal with the aftermath.

Once they were safely out of the mall and in the car, Diana still couldn’t regain her calm.


She had slapped Julian! She was in an extremely clear mind, and she had done that!

And that proud and arrogant man had kept apologizing to her instead of retaliating!

Diana’s hands were still trembling.

She could still feel his smooth skin on her palm.

“Fanny…” Diana seemed to be murmuring at her hands, but also seemed like she was consciously

speaking.’ Was… Was he hurt?”

Julian was also human. When they had lost the babies, he had ignored the wounds on his body and
stayed at

the hospital without washing up for several days, even though Diana was well aware he was a clean
freak. Even his hair

and clothes were as dirty as a homeless man.

Diana actually knew that Julian was also suffering.

She always knew that he would also hurt.

But between Kayla and the babies, Julian had ultimately chosen Kayla.

No matter how much Julian hurt, he still wouldn’t let Kayla be hurt.

This was the most profound pain Julian left on Diana.

If Kayla didn’t hurt, then Diana did.

“That was the woman’s section. He wouldn’t personally pick clothes for me. He didn’t have such a

habit. He’d usually send the newest releases so I could pick them for myself. He must’ve been there

because of Kayla…”

In that case, why would he provoke her with such harsh words?

Why would he insist on interfering with her affairs?

…What the hell?

Was Julian so greedy that he wasn’t satisfied with what he had in hand, and wanted everything else


Diana didn’t dare think about it. The moment she did, everything would hurt.

Julian knew that there was only one thing that Diana wanted from him…

But he always refused to give it to her.

Even… Even his love for her was terribly fickle.

When he saw her with Oliver, it was probably possessiveness that caused him to act as he did.

Fanny didn’t say anything. She simply listened quietly to Diana as the latter continued to mumble

under her breath.

After a while, Diana’s trembling stopped, and she said, “…He must’ve been having a bad day too.”

Even though she knew Julian was thinking of Kayla and it wasn’t her place to care, she was still


She had exerted a lot of strength in that slap….

Also, many people saw it happen. There was no telling how Fulcher Inc. would be


Fanny could tell that Diana was fretting, and she couldn’t help but say ruefully, “Looks like it’ll take a

long time before you can think about considering my brother.”

But that was fine. If there was something Oliver lacked, it definitely wasn’t


A glint of mirth entered Fanny’s eyes when she thought about it. When she saw a familiar figure

through the rearview mirror, she opened the window and waved at him.

“Over here!”

Having done that, Fanny pulled on Diana’s arm and said, “Here, look. Between Oliver and Julian,

who do you think looks better?”

To be fair, today was the first time Fanny had seen Julian in person.

“What about you?” Diana shot back. “Who do you think looks better?”

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