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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 415

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 415

Fanny gave Diana a sufficiently objective opinion.

“They both have their own merits.”

Indeed. Oliver was as warm as the sun, while Julian was as cold as the moon.

Both the sun and moon had their own good and bad.

No one could tell the difference.

Each had its own brightness and cunning.

Only… This moon and sun both didn’t belong to Diana.

“You’re good too,” Diana said, suddenly changing the topic as she turned to Fanny. “You’re like a star.”

Fanny was amused by Diana’s serious comparison and teased, “If so, what are you?”

At this point, Oliver had reached the car door. Fanny pushed the door open with her foot lazily, then
looked at Diana again, anticipating her answer.

Diana thought for a long time before finally saying, “I’m a duckweed.”

She was duckweed without roots. Initially, she thought Julian would be her salvation, someone she
could lean on for the rest of her life. But in the end, she was left with only herself.

The sorrow on her face was so obvious that Oliver could tell the mood she was in as soon as he got
into the


“I’m sorry. I didn’t know Julian would be here today.”

If Diana hadn’t seen the man, she might be in a better mood right now.

“It’s not like it was your fault,” Diana said, amused by his sincerity. “And thanks to you, I was able to get

of it twice now.”

Since Fanny was present, Diana didn’t want there to be any misunderstanding between them.

“But Dr. Channing…” Diana paused for a moment before continuing, “I know you were only trying to
help. I’ll find a way to repay you and return the money for the dress and jacket on me. I’ll transfer the
money to you later.”

“Didn’t we agree that the clothing was part of the investment?”

Hearing how firm Diana was on drawing the line between them, Oliver displayed a sense of eagerness
that he had never done before.

“Why would someone’s investment include clothes? Besides, the one who’s investing is Miss Smith,”
Diana said, insistent on transferring the money. “You’ve helped me over and over again, and I’m very
grateful. I can’t be so brazen and accept the clothes you gave me without giving any results in return.”

What’s more, it was from an expensive high–end luxury brand.

“Also…” Diana hesitated, but before Oliver could say anything, she said, “If we meet Julian again in the

future, I may still need your help to deceive him. I hope you won’t mind it, Miss Smith.”

Oliver finally understood what Diana was implying.

Diana was so anxious to draw a line between them because she still misunderstood his relationship


“Diana,” Oliver said solemnly. “I already told you that Fanny and I are siblings.”

Fanny was wearing sunglasses, so it was impossible to see the emotions swirling in her eyes. Only her
muffled voice could give it away.

“Yeah, we’re just siblings. So could you stop trying to pair us up together, my future sister–in–law?
Others would laugh if they heard that a popular celebrity was messing around with her own family

Fanny clicked her tongue and added, “Your best friend is the best at producing such headlines, isn’t
she? You must’ve heard more similar titles than I thought.”

Diana was a little embarrassed by Fanny’s words. “Back then, Nina-”

“I know,” Fanny said, lowering her head slightly as she rested her feet on the opposite seat.

Even with the somewhat careless pose, she still looked beautiful, and her sharp jawline tilted upwards.

“It’s her job to follow artists. Anyway, Oliver will settle it for me. I don’t have to spend my money.”

After saying that, Fanny turned to Oliver and stuck out her tongue at him before quickly getting out of


“You guys should talk.”

Fanny could tell that Oliver had something to say to Diana, so she wanted to give them space.

Oliver shot her a grateful look before pulling the car door shut.


“Oliver started with an earnest and sincere tone. “Perhaps you don’t believe me, but we met many
years ago when you were very young. You had many frostbite wounds, yet your eyes still carried a
fierce determination. You even told me that you wanted to save someone.”

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