Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 417

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Diana wasn’t ready to accept someone else in her heart.

Especially one as familiar as Oliver.

“You and Fanny…?”

“We’re really only siblings,” Oliver repeated helplessly. “Should I show you pictures of us in diapers
together to prove it?”

Diana hurriedly waved her hands. “N–No! That’s not what I meant!”

Rather, she just instinctively felt that there was something between them. But now, it seemed that she
was wrong again.

After all, Julian had been by her side for three years, and she had been under the mistaken impression
that he loved her. In the end, she was only a substitute for someone else. Besides, she had only met
Fanny recently, so it was normal for her to have misjudged.

Seeing that Diana was a little lost in thought, Oliver didn’t press the topic and said, “I’ll be waiting for
you to contact me.”

After he said that, the car door was pulled open, and Fanny climbed in.

At night after returning to the hospital, Diana lay down to rest as soon as she reached her room.

After a long day, she was tired. She fell asleep without much thought, but woke up early in the morning.

She wanted to continue sleeping, but couldn’t fall back asleep.

Diana raised her hand to study it, recalling the slap she had given Julian yesterday at the mall. Without
thinking too much, she picked up her phone and searched for news related to Fulcher Inc.

Luckily, there was no word of what happened in SK Mall.

It seemed Oliver had handled the aftermath well.

Diana relaxed a little, and once again thanked Oliver for his thoughtfulness and consideration.

Yet, what he had said in the car yesterday….

Diana put down the phone, closed her eyes, and thought about it, then felt uncomfortable again.

After thoroughly considering it, she decided she would find a chance to talk things over with Oliver. She
didn’t want to drag matters on, especially ones that concerned feelings, nor did she want to be rash.

At the same time, Julian had a sleepless night in the villa.

After exiting SK Mall, he was distracted. The scene of Diana holding Oliver’s arm as they picked
clothing played repeatedly in his mind.

And that red dress she had worn….

It was so beautiful.

It was so bright, and was a color that Diana didn’t usually wear. And yet, she was willing to try it on for

Julian had often asked her to try other colors and styles, but Diana refused.

Was Oliver…more important than Julian?

Julian curled up on the couch, looking at photos of Diana and Oliver taken by his men. The more he
looked at them, the more harsh his breathing became, and the more heartbroken he felt. As the night
passed, more and more cigarette buds fell to the floor.

When Noel walked into the room, he nearly choked on the smell of smoke in the room and almost
backed out. However, he quickly caught himself and called out, “Sir, what happened to your face?”

Diana had given him a hard slap without holding back her strength, and Julian’s skin was a bright red.
After a night of not getting it treated and smoking, his cheeks were now swollen.

The cigarette in his hand still burned, and the ashes fluttered as his hand trembled.

Julian dragged his eyes away from the photos, revealing reddened eyes that grew paler the longer he
stared at the photos. Finally, he muttered, “I’m fine.”

Putting out the cigarette, Julian got up and walked to the bathroom, where he quickly washed his face.

He had lost an alarming amount of weight in the past few days.

Noel stood in the doorway and noticed that Julian’s shirt fell somewhat loosely around him, and his
jawline looked much sharper and more defined.

Julian used to care so much about his surroundings, but right now, it was the complete opposite. He
didn’t even notice the soot that rubbed against the soles of his shoes.

Noel saw the pictures on the couch and moved to put them away, but Julian stopped him with a look,
ordering, “Leave them.”

Although it was hard to look at the photos every time, every picture of Diana was of her smiling.

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