Novel Name : Julian’s Stand-In Wife

Chapter 416

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Getting frostbite as a child was common for Diana, but meeting someone from such a good family as
Oliver wasn’t.

So, she immediately recalled the past; her eyes lighting up as the memory came rushing.

“You were the boy back then! You were wearing a suit and a tie, and even gave me two sweet potatoes
to eat!”

“Yes, that was me,” Oliver replied with a smile. “I’m honestly surprised you remember.”

Oliver was so relieved, like the thing he was most worried about had finally fallen into place.

“How was the person you wanted to save? Was he okay?”

Diana’s excitement faded a little at the mention of that.

“I don’t know. I tried very hard to help him warm up all night. When I went back with some firewood the
next day, he was gone.”

Oliver hadn’t expected that turn of events. “He was about our age, I think. He looked very frail, and I
didn’t think he could have left on his own.”

Diana was surprised. “You saw the boy?”

“Yeah,” Oliver said with a nod. “But we were so young back then, and I don’t remember what he looked

Only Diana’s gentle yet steely eyes had lingered in his memories.

“That’s fine. Maybe he survived,” Diana said, smiling. “As long as he lived, then my efforts weren’t in

Warming the boy up had taken all of Diana’s body heat.

“That was the first time I saved someone. Back then… I actually didn’t want to live anymore, but I
suddenly found that I could still be useful alive, so I didn’t think about dying during that winter

Oliver felt his heart ache as he listened.

He was sure Diana didn’t have a good childhood, but he never expected it to be bad to the extent that
she didn’t want to live anymore.

What in the world had she gone through as a child?

However, Oliver didn’t have the courage to ask.

“Don’t worry,” Oliver said as he met her eyes. “I’m sure the boy survived.”

Diana nodded. “Hopefully. I did all that I could at that time, anyway.”

Even though Diana saved the boy, he had also given her redemption, and that was enough for Diana.

“Thanks for the sweet potatoes. It was one of the most delicious things I had as a kid! It was always
something I enjoyed until later in life.”

Oliver smiled. “Then, do you still like it now?”

Diana froze.

She obviously hadn’t thought that Oliver would ask that.

Seeing how she was silent, Oliver asked, “What do you like to eat now?”

“Sandwiches,” Diana blurted.

After saying that, she laughed helplessly.

Sandwiches were Julian’s favorite breakfast food. As it turned out, when one fell for someone, one’s
taste buds would change as well.

There were simply too many aspects in Diana’s life where Julian’s shadow lingered.

“If you want to eat baked sweet potatoes, you can give me a call anytime,” Oliver said before
emphasizing once more, “Fanny and I are really just siblings.”

“If at any time you need my help in dealing with Julian, I hope you’ll call me. I’ll be more than happy to

At this point, Diana would’ve been a fool not to understand what Oliver was saying.

However, it was because she could hear Oliver’s explicit and implicit confession that she felt even more

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