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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 412

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Julian’s Stand-In Wife By South Wind Dialect Chapter 412

Oliver took the dark red dress from the only set of new releases they had before them, and handed it to

“Try this one.”

Diana had never worn such a bold color before. Although she was a designer, she had her own
personal style that she stuck to and wouldn’t try on styles she wasn’t used to.

Take this red dress, for example.

She had never worn this color in her life.

So, she hesitated.

Yet, Julian was getting closer. He had seen them and felt that the woman on the man’s arm looked very
much like Diana, so he came over to see.

If Diana didn’t take it, the atmosphere between her and Oliver would look strange, and they wouldn’t
look like a couple.

The result Diana wanted was for Julian to think that she and Oliver were a couple. She didn’t want to
get involved with Julian ever again, and she never wanted to see how he favored Kayla over her

She wanted to keep her distance from him, forever.

With that thought in mind, Diana quickly took the red dress from Oliver and gave him a bright smile.
“Sure. I’ll try it on.”

Oliver nodded, his eyes reflecting only her as he replied with a gentle smile, “Okay.”

The two looked so good together; one seemed shy while the other looked affectionately at his woman.

When Julian saw them together, the smile faded from his face and he looked as though he had been
struck by lightning.

Were they…really together?

Back at the Winnington residence, when he had heard Diana call Oliver “darling“, he was still able to
deceive himself and assume that he had misheard.

But at this moment, there was no way Julian could do that.

Did friends need to hold each other’s arms just to pick out some clothes?

Diana was also trying on a red colored dress that she usually wouldn’t wear.

Was Oliver so charming that he was able to change Diana to that extent?

While he was in a daze, Diana had already exited the fitting room.

She shed the white suit she was wearing, which lessened her professional image. However, the red
dress completely embodied all her female traits to the fullest.

Her skin was smooth, and her face was bright like a morning in spring. The slightly open–backed style
of the dress also left two flowing hemlines that complemented Diana’s shy and timid look.

Every step she took contained a deep beauty that flowed right into one’s soul, and it took Julian’s


But at the same time, Julian was furious.


He strode forward, as though he had lost control of all his limbs and emotions. The only thing in his
vision was Diana in that red dress.

“You kept saying you wanted to divorce me. You kept saying that being with me made you feel guilty
and of the babies. It’s only been a short while since you’ve lost them, yet you’re so desperate to

find new love?!”

reminded you

In fact, Julian regretted the words as they were spoken.

If Diana really loved Oliver, Julian was willing to tie the man up and deliver him to Diana’s feet.

He had thought it through before this. If Diana really did love Oliver, then Julian would make it happen.
Even when it came to their divorce, Julian had gone through with it only to please her.

Yet, when faced with the reality of Diana and Oliver together, he couldn’t stop his emotions from
spiraling out of control. It felt as if someone had dug his heart out and stomped on it with all their might.

‘Don’t you know how much pain I’m also in, Diana?!‘

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